CalcFlo is a universal iOS calculator application that supports dual interface orientation. It comes with an additional feature to save calculations in memory, distinguishing it from the iPhone default and other calculator apps.

    In CalcFlo, sound effects are tuned into the keys, animations liven up the digits’ display and themes can be purchased to set as background; all to lighten up the otherwise boring task of tackling figures.

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    Short Summary

    Calc FLO is a Stylish, Simple & Elegant calculator for free for the iPhone, iPad & iPod Touch.

    – Standard Calculator in portrait view
    – Scientific Calculator
    – Easy to use Memory Function
    – Mutable Sound Effects
    – Backspace and Clear button
    – Universal app for iPhone, iPad & iPod Touch


    I had a great experience with the providers. They are attentive and look to make the client happy at all costs. I highly recommend working with this team to anyone.


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