Love Football FC is a fantasy football website that allows its users to manage virtual football teams online. It is designed for the audience of Nigeria and supports an exceedingly user friendly interface.

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    ✓ Love Football FC features a squad management of 15 members, 11 to play in a team; selected from international football teams and automatic update of points according to the points won in real time football leagues. The automatic update is fetched from a third party API. An option of manual update is also available.

    ✓ One user can manage multiple teams at a time and add or join mini leagues or private leagues held simultaneously.

    ✓ Player ranking and expenses are based on a formula derived off the previous performance of the player and are automatically updated according to the ongoing league performances.

    ✓ The users are awarded extra points for inviting their friends to join Love Football FC.

    ✓ The entire team activity, be it the enlistment of new players, exclusion of the wary ones or transfer from one’s team is handled by the user. The content management which includes the

    hold of members, teams, players, points, transactions and advertisements is looked over by the administration.

    ✓ The details of the leading teams and their points, the assortment of the points awarded to the user’s team and the legendary particulars of the teams passed are displayed on the LeaderBoard, Points Breakdown and Historical Teams respectively.

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    These guys have been a joy to work with. I totally recommend them, very responsive, very professional and the quality of their work is second to none.

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