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85 Best WordPress Themes of 2018

The internet has well evolved from its intended purpose. From being able to connect a few computers, it is now connecting the entire planet. It has now become a platform of boundless opportunity for those who want to make their voice heard all over the world. The primary reason for the internet becoming such a behemoth is because of the world wide web. The web has taken the world into a new age of art, literature and commerce. All you need in order to become part of this tech revolutionized age is a well-designed website.

Making a website was pretty expensive in the old days because of costs associated with hiring of developers. But now with content management systems like WordPress, you can show off your content without worrying about the aforementioned costs. Website building has become easier than it has ever been, and we have WordPress to thank for that. WordPress has removed the mental and monetary burdens that come with hiring a developer for your website, making it less expensive than ever before.

If you are eager to start up a new website and require WordPress website development, then read this article where we have compiled a list of the best 85 WordPress themes of 2018 for different niches.

I want themes for my site from the category:

  • E-Commerce
  • Blog & Magazine
  • Event & Promotional
  • Portfolio & Photography / Gallery
  • Business & Corporate
  • Knowledge base & Wiki
  • Podcasting

I want themes that are:

  • Below $40
  • Between $41 - $59
  • Above $60

E-Commerce $69

Shopkeeper is definitely one of best ecommerce themes out there. Its many features include simplicity, bold design, a full screen slider, home page layout options, portfolio options, blogging platforms, customizable design options, fonts and a wide range of header layouts.

On the back-end, Shopkeeper is built for interoperability with WooCommerce and the WPML plugin, so it is not just a stand-alone theme. With Shopkeeper, you do not even need an ecommerce development company to get started. All you have to do is go through its easy documentation and you are ready to go.

Demo of Shopkeeper E-Commerce WordPress Theme

E-Commerce $69

Merchandiser is owned by a company called GetBowtied. Its expert team of developers and UI designers have taken upon themselves to make sure you do not face any headaches in setting up an online store.

Merchandiser is interoperable with WooCommerce and is simple as well as functional. You can customize your layouts with its wide range of header layouts and fonts combined with many other design options. If you want to go even further beyond the built-in customization, Merchandiser provides you with the ability to build your pages with its drag and drop feature.

Demo of Merchandiser E-Commerce WordPress Theme

E-Commerce $59

If your product or service is image heavy and you need a theme that showcases your business in all its glory with focus on user experience, then TheGem has you covered.

Fully compatible with WooCommerce, TheGem includes prebuilt layouts that showcase your products with a beautiful rollover effect. It also includes options for showing product statistics and Add to Wishlist buttons.Almost every article on “best themes for WordPress” will recommend TheGem as the best theme to try out. It is built for creating an ecommerce store, so it is a good option to try out.

Demo of TheGem E-Commerce WordPress Theme

E-Commerce $49

Halena is one WordPress theme that you do not want to miss out on. It is the savior of those who prefer the minimal look. Those businesses that do not want their product to be resource intensive and prefer a minimal approach to things will find Halena extremely useful. Halena’s UI loads very quickly and comes with different layout options.

Demo of Halena E-Commerce WordPress Theme

E-Commerce $59

Nitro is marketed as the ultimate WooCommerce theme and this is not far from the truth.It has an extensive range of templates for business niches such as fashion, electronics, furniture, sports and jewelry with more designs being released every month.

Its admin panel is built keeping functionality a top priority and has built-in features such as promos, live search capabilities and wish-list widgets, etc.It also has a huge amount of themes that can meet all your design customization needs. Nitro should definitely be your first choice if you are going for interoperability with WooCommerce.

Demo of Nitro E-Commerce WordPress Theme

E-Commerce $59

Flatsome is a hassle-free theme for WordPress that provides you with easy navigation. It has competent design capabilities such as a good combination of fonts, layouts and headers. Its design capabilities are built in such a way that they guarantee a good shopping experience for the user. It can be combined with powerful ecommerce plugins like WooCommerce and many other plugins for adding wish lists, widgets and live catalog searches.

Demo of Flatsome E-Commerce WordPress Theme

E-Commerce $49

If you are looking for something in advanced visual appearance for your ecommerce business, then Neto is your best choice. It gives your brand a modern and stylish design. It has extensive layout designs that not only give your site a professional and modern look but it also displays your products in all their glory.

Neto has a wide range of plug ins, theme options, colors, and font customization options. It is SEO-friendly and provides speed and performance for your site.

Demo of Neto E-Commerce WordPress Theme

E-Commerce $60

One of the biggest problems online business owners face is how to give the products on their site full representation as well as breathing space. Claue is one WordPress theme that overcomes that problem. Claue is minimal, simple and packed with features. It includes a bundle of additional plugins and add-ons that you can use for further customization.

Demo of Claue E-Commerce WordPress Theme

E-Commerce $49

Another good competitor in minimal design is Flatshop by Themify. Flatshop’s UI pulls off the effect of combining minimalist design with product representation at its finest. Drop-down menus, linear displays and menu options make Flatshop the best choice for your WordPress website. To top it all off, when it is integrated with WooCommerce, it provides even more customization options for your website.

Demo of Flatshop E-Commerce WordPress Theme

E-Commerce $59

When it comes to delivering a high-end look for your website, then the premium ecommerce theme Atelier is for you. It provides you with a studio looking website that is perfect for showcasing all of your products. Gravity forms, revolution slider and responsive pricing tables are some of the few built-in functionalities within Atelier. So, if you want a site with a good UI and impressive functionality, then go for Atelier theme.

Demo of Atelier E-Commerce WordPress Theme

E-Commerce $49

Hugo is the “millennial” candidate of WordPress themeswith a “hipster” vibe. It is simplistic in nature and without any back-end development related complications. It is jam packed with tailor made features such as drag and drop builders, font options and multiple color schemes. It is also compatible with major plugins such WooCommerce, so it is bound to be good.

Demo of Hugo E-Commerce WordPress Theme

E-Commerce $39

Eva provides functionality as well as minimalism while removing all the superfluous details. It has a custom cart shopping feature, a pleasant UX/UI, a quick search bar combined with many other plug-ins and features for your website.Its designers have made it in such a way that it is optimized for any e-commerce niche.

Demo of Eva E-Commerce WordPress Theme

E-Commerce $59

North is one of the best WP themes out there focusing on seamless customer experience. It has a clean and minimalistic layout with a lot of white spaces and a full-page slider. Additionally, being combined with WooCommerce and many other plug-ins make it the go-to choice for any ecommerce business.

Demo of North E-Commerce WordPress Theme

E-Commerce $60

One of the most excellent themes for WordPress is Aurum. Here are some of Aurums many features:

Home page product showcasing Elegant store design Content blocking Page layouts and header styles Font customization WPML plugins Easy navigation WooCommerce integration

Demo of Aurum E-Commerce WordPress Theme

Blog & Magazine $59

Newspaper is the best WordPress plugin to go for if you have a magazine or blog website that has high traffic. It is built for optimization and offers the option of cross posting on multiple channels, for example: social media websites. With an astounding 56,000 customer base, you will not run into any troubles with Newspaper. It has an amazing custom theme building options as well as 50+ demos for you to try out. It is optimized for AdSense and is fast and flexible. It is recommended that you check out Newspaper today.

Demo of Newspaper Blog & Magazine WordPress Theme

Blog & Magazine $69

Extra is another amazing WordPress theme that offers you the ability of using drag and drop content building tools for overall site customization. It is built with a stylish design in order to provide the best user experience. It is equipped with custom layout builder tools like divi builder so that you can add extra sections to your layouts according to your needs. It supports parallax and has efficient modules for ecommerce and corporate websites. But, generally speaking, it is good for almost any website.

Demo of Extra Blog & Magazine WordPress Theme

Blog & Magazine $49

MH Magazine is a WordPress theme that provides you with the best quality when it comes to eye catching designs. It has 26 built-in widgets that are primarily for improving the display of your page’s content. It includes a wide range of social media plug-ins that are helpful in cross posting your content in order to gain traffic. It also has a good range of fonts with its Google fonts integration. Coupled with that, it has a flex slider plugin as well a news ticker built with jQuery. So, it is worth a try.

Demo of MH Magazine Blog & Magazine WordPress Theme

Blog & Magazine $59

MagPlus is the WordPress plug in that provides multi-language features so that it can serve non-English speakers all across the globe. With its right to left feature and multiple languages, MagPlus is your best bet for creating an efficient cross cultural website. Additionally, it includes SEO optimized features, extensively fast website load times as well as pre-built layouts and themes.

Demo of MagPlus Blog & Magazine WordPress Theme

Blog & Magazine $69

GridLove provides your website with a neat and flexible design. It also has a wide range of options for website customization. GridLove’s most promising feature is its user friendly drag and drop module that can help you organize your layouts according to your website needs. It has extensive formatting options with types and fonts. You can customize your content grids so that the important ones stand out.

Demo of GridLove Blog & Magazine WordPress Theme

Blog & Magazine $59

It is possible to achieve the optimal balance between attention grabbing content and easy to read content with PenNews. It offers 30 aesthetically pleasing demo layouts for almost every niche. You can also edit the layout using WPBakery page building plug in. It has extensive optimization and customization tools that help your news site or blog get the traffic and attention it needs.

Demo of PenNews Blog & Magazine WordPress Theme

Blog & Magazine $59

With a myriad of features, Jannah is probably the ideal theme for your WordPress magazine site or blog. It has a collection over 1000 Google fonts combined with almost 20 niche based demo layouts. You can always customize the site to your niche needs with Jannah’s built in page builder.Perhaps the strongest feature of Jannah is customization, mainly because it offers a wide combination of functionalities and plug-ins to reflect your vision for the site.

Demo of Jannah Blog & Magazine WordPress Theme

Blog & Magazine $54

Publisher catches the attention of potential readers like no theme does. It is filled with enough functionalities to create a user friendly website without going through any fuss. It includes over 90 template layouts that you can tweak and customize according to your needs. Its entire feature base is focused on getting through to your audience. On the technical side, it has a bunch of cool widgets and plug-ins for you to try out as well as a news ticker that highlights the latest news or posts on your website.

Demo of Publisher Blog & Magazine WordPress Theme

Blog & Magazine $69

Herald offers the user with a multitude of themes related to fashion, sports, technology and many more. It has a wide scope for website customization with its 500+ post layouts as well as extensive support for brand logos and icons. You can also customize the author base for your website and set them into different categories. It can be integrated alongside WooCommerce, which can beef up your site’s product sales. Lastly, it provides you with social sharing buttons making your social media marketing strategy efficient.

Demo of Herald Blog & Magazine WordPress Theme

Blog & Magazine $59

Soledad is the best WordPress theme if you are looking to balance text and visual media in order to create eye catching content. Soledad includes header options that are built to accommodate ad space. It also includes rich display features, customization capabilities, news tickers and best of all, a SoundCloud integration module.

Demo of Soledad Blog & Magazine WordPress Theme

Blog & Magazine $49

Voice offers a perfect combination for a comprehensive online magazine website as well as a personal blog. It has a ton of built in functionalities that include advanced theme options, unlimited branding options, multiple layouts, topic specific modules for your particular niche, Google AdSense integration, clean layouts and aesthetic design schemes.

Demo of Voice Blog & Magazine WordPress Theme

Blog & Magazine $59

SanFrancisco is one WordPress theme that needs no introduction. It is a feature packed theme that is important if you are planning to set up an effective magazine site or a blog. It covers a wide variety of niches and industries with powerful tools and plug-ins to provide website support. Its internet savvy plug-ins include FlexAds plug-ins and SmartGIF to showcase GIF’s on your website.You cannot go wrong with SanFrancisco because of its compatibility with Google AdSense.

Demo of SanFrancisco Blog & Magazine WordPress Theme

Blog & Magazine $59

Newsmag PRO offers the webmaster with logically laid out functional design without compromising on the design aesthetic. It is SEO optimized combined with a multitude of different customization options in color and fonts. Even though it does look a bit bland at times, you can always customize your site to look better. In terms of functionality at the back-end, it is filled with tools such as post slider, news ticker and social media integration.

Demo of Newsmag Pro Blog & Magazine WordPress Theme

Blog & Magazine $49

Paperback is a visually appealing, highly functional and responsive website theme for WordPress. Some of its features include responsive post carousel, category based mega menu, dynamic layouts, infinite scroll option and manual customization. It is a good choice if you want your site to be both content and designed focused.

Demo of Paperback Blog & Magazine WordPress Theme

Blog & Magazine $59

The last item in our list is 15Zine, which is a flexible blog and magazine theme that is fully loaded with tons of useful features. Some of them include an eye catching parallax, image styling, mega menu option, drag and drop page customizer, Ajax powered search function, built-in advertising system, back end customization tools and many more.

Demo of 15Zine Blog & Magazine WordPress Theme

Event & Promotional $59

Grand Conference tops our list because it is a chic, stylish and feature packed WordPress theme that you can utilize for promotions of events, management of conferences, exhibitions and much more. It has multiple options such as filterable session topics, conference sessions by days, three schedule layouts, extensively designed grids for speakers and location / venue beautifully shown on map. It also has modishly designed layouts for events, sponsors, tickets and testimonials.

Grand Conference has many customization options which include a huge collection of color schemes, social sharing buttons, fonts and widgets. It is search engine optimized and retina ready. It is fully compatible with plugins such as WPML, WooCommerce and MailChimp.

Demo of Grand Conference Event & Promotional WordPress Theme

Event & Promotional $99

Meeting is another responsive WordPress theme that you can use for your event related and promotional websites. It is a theme that comes with great features such as full screen sliders, timers for event countdowns and effective call to action buttons. It also has website page builder which facilitates easy website building via drag and drop features. You can easily manage its sections and add pricing tables, venue locations, sponsors and much more. It has a myriad of widgets and has custom options for colors, fonts, layouts and grids, etc. When you are creating a website with Meeting, you can build it as both a multi-paged website and a one-page one.

Demo of Meeting Event & Promotional WordPress Theme

Event & Promotional $75

Leader is one of the most highly recommended, flexible and powerful WordPress themes available in the market. Its developers have made it keeping in mind the various factors involved when you are creating a website for conferences, events and promotions. It includes multiple widgets for different layout and header styles and it has a wide collection of portfolio and blog templates that you can use.

It includes a built in website building tool that helps in setting up your website without getting into the hassle of coding. Additionally, it has a one click demo which lets you see changes to your website in real time.

Demo of Leader Event & Promotional WordPress Theme

Event & Promotional $89

Designed specifically for the purpose of creating events, workshops, meetings and conference related websites, OpenEvent is one of the most powerful WordPress website themes that you can use. It has a responsive layout that is user friendly and is very easy to setup. It also comes with a built in front-end editing tool that allows you to edit your website very easily.

With OpenEvent, you can easily import Facebook events and Evenbrite to your website and can make check progress to engage audiences on Facebook as well. You can add image content on your website with OpenEvent as well as integrate it with WooCommerce plugin.

Demo of OpenEvent Event & Promotional WordPress Theme

Event & Promotional $108

Chakra is one of the most immaculately designed and multifunctional WordPress theme out there. It is suitable for almost any kind of business website as well as events and conferences. The theme is jam packed with features that you can use when building your website. Some of the features include various homepage styles, blog page layouts, multiple design elements, listings and grids.

You can sell your event tickets with Chakra since it comes with a WooCommerce integrations. This theme is also compatible with plugins such as Mega Main Menu, Slider Revolution, Visual Composer, Commentator and Easy Social Share Buttons.

Demo of Chakra Event & Promotional WordPress Theme

Event & Promotional $89

If you want flexibility, customization and a multitude of widgets, then Conference Pro is for you. It is a multipurpose theme that comes with a drag and drop page builder that makes setting up a website extremely easy. You can create a custom landing page, a single page website or a multiple-page website easily with Conference Pro.

With Conference Pro, you can also add widgets for further site customization. Some of the widgets are event date adding, venue locations, sponsorships, sections for speakers and client testimonials, etc.

Conference Pro also integrates easily with many other WordPress event management plug-ins and ticketing websites. To top it all off, it also has support for social media integration which is crucial for the promotion of the event.

Demo of Conference Pro Event & Promotional WordPress Theme

Event & Promotional $59

Amore is a unique theme because it is designed specifically for events like weddings, family reunions and parties. Amore should be your first theme choice if you are planning for such events. It comes with a full screen slider that is aesthetically designed. It also comes with an animated event countdown timer that you can customize to your liking. Its customization capabilities help you create the theme and layout of your choice.

Demo of Amore Event & Promotional WordPress Theme

Event & Promotional $89

If you are a public speaking figure, then Speakersumo is the best option for your brand. It allows you to put forth future events, booking forms, and your public speaking history on your website.

Speakersumo comes with a specific schedule calendar, sections for various events, call to actions. It is very simple to set up and the installer is complete with various content options and settings.

Demo of Speakersumo Event & Promotional WordPress Theme

Event & Promotional $59

Folie is regarded by satisfied clients as the most responsive, modish looking and multipurpose theme for WordPress. Its respect from webmasters is justified because it is one of the most flexible frameworks for creating a customized event planning site. For events and promotion, it includes time tickers, schedule planners and animated schedule display available in many colors. Some of Folie’s other features include:

  • Live Builder design customization
  • 25 templates designed for various businesses
  • Shortcodes
  • Functional widgets and plugins
  • Retina ready
  • Demo of Folie Event & Promotional WordPress Theme

    Event & Promotional $49

    Event is one of those trendy and “hip” Coachella inspired WordPress themes perfect for music related festivals and concerts. It is designed keeping in view of the entertainment industry. So, if you are planning a music event, a cafe opening or any other entertainment events, then Event is for you.

    Demo of Event Organizer Event & Promotional WordPress Theme

    Portfolio & Photography / Gallery $59

    For gallery websites, Moon is the number one contender. The theme is built with extensive features that allow power, flexibility and creativity. With Moon, you will be able to showcase your website with a chic and attractive design. It is fully responsive and offers both audio and video plugins. Moon’s main feature is its lightning-fast page load speed.

    Developers at Moon provide dedicated support and thorough documentation. Though, this is not a free theme, but with a rating of 5 stars, it makes your investment worth it.

    Demo of The Moon Portfolio & Photography Gallery WordPress Theme

    Portfolio & Photography / Gallery $59

    Photographer is a WordPress theme that gives first priority to aesthetics. It is responsive on all screen sizes and orientations. It provides image resizing functionality to improve viewer experience and increases the aesthetic appeal of a website with its Photowall Home Page feature. This option simply generates a new home page whenever someone visits your site and makes randomizing an aesthetic adventure. With a collection of over 600 Google Fonts, it takes Typography support to the next level. There is also a detailed support guide for using the theme. However, even without the support, it is pretty easy to get started with.

    Demo of Photographer Portfolio & Photography Gallery WordPress Theme

    Portfolio & Photography / Gallery $59

    Foto is one of the most elegant, practical and responsive website themes combined with a multitude of features that make your photography or portfolio site stand out. It is built for the technical handling of high definition image content in a large amount. It is highly organized and keeps a detailed log of all your portfolio pages, gallery pages and albums so that you can effectively manipulate or place your images in your website. What makes it stand out is the high speed website loading because of its HTML5 and CSS3 scripting.

    Demo of Foto Portfolio & Photography Gallery WordPress Theme

    Portfolio & Photography / Gallery $65

    SOHO is one of the most professional and creative themes for WordPress. Its beautiful full screen layouts help in showcasing images or video content in the best possible ways. You do not even need programming expertise to use SOHO thanks to its GT3 page builder that makes page creation a walk in the park. SOHO is also high performance when it comes to its page-load speed, which it has optimized to be lightning fast. It has a full screen slider that supports both video and audio content and is fully responsive.

    Demo of SOHO Portfolio & Photography Gallery WordPress Theme

    Portfolio & Photography / Gallery $59

    With beautiful and well designed theme aesthetics, Lambda will make sure your website is at its finest. Its layout is designed in such a way to attract and retain customers with impeccable user experience and stunning interface. It has a total of 18 demos and can be integrated with more than 100 bootstrap options. Such functionality and support ensures that no two sites look the same. Its Visual composer plugin can help you create your website with no prior coding knowledge. The theme is compatible with all screen sizes and orientations. So, it does not matter if you are viewing the website on a desktop computer, smartphone or a tablet.

    Demo of Lambda Portfolio & Photography Gallery WordPress Theme

    Portfolio & Photography / Gallery $39

    Ezio is another stylish, hip and trendy WordPress theme that is both responsive and easy to use if you are looking for a multipurpose theme for your website. It is designed with meticulous detail and can work well in displaying images of any niche or field with its intuitive design and lightning fast speed. It has custom widgets, shortcodes and attractive demo templates. Its visual composer allows easy theme setup even without coding knowledge. It is also loaded with custom add-ons for the visual composer, SliderRevolution and LayerSlider for making the website building process easier.

    Demo of Ezio Portfolio & Photography Gallery WordPress Theme

    Portfolio & Photography / Gallery $34

    Shutter is one of the most refined and heavily supported dynamic themes for art and gallery WordPress websites. It is an extremely resourceful theme which is responsive in design and comes with a myriad of add-ons. It is built keeping in mind the aesthetic needs of modern users. It has an intuitive theme structure which is extremely powerful yet unique with innovative gallery layouts and template systems. All in all, it is an amazing theme solely built for image content gallery and portfolio websites.

    Demo of Shutter Portfolio & Photography Gallery WordPress Theme

    Portfolio & Photography / Gallery $49

    If you want to improve the design of your entire website in a simple manner, then Designer is your choice. It helps you create a gorgeous portfolio that has a variety of layouts, demo templates and audio capabilities that, when incorporated with ecommerce giants like WooCommerce, can provide you with a lot of functionalities. It can create an extremely professional layout that can boost your websites content considerably.

    Designer is for every which means you can easily create a custom layout for your website with its built-in composer without having to do alterations to the code.

    Demo of Designer Portfolio & Photography Gallery WordPress Theme

    Portfolio & Photography / Gallery $59

    Bodo is one of the best portfolio and image displaying WordPress themes out there. It is built for artists and can support designer, writer or artist of any type easily. If you are aiming to either improve your skills or get more reach for your art, then this theme is for you. It comes with visual composer, so even if you are not a developer, it will help you in creating a website of desired design without any problem. It has quality sliders with its built in templates of sliders, so you can choose which one best suits your website needs.

    Demo of Bodo Portfolio & Photography Gallery WordPress Theme

    Portfolio & Photography / Gallery $60

    With approval from over 1600 clients, Kalium is probably the best WordPress site for you. It has amazing flexibility and attention to detail, which shows that its developers have not compromised on quality. It has extensive support for SoundCloud and has several fantastic website design features such as a drag and drop builder, revolution slider and multi-display slider system that helps create a unique and dazzling website. The theme is not free but it provides you so many functionalities that it makes your investment worth it. Because it can easily help anyone in creating their own portfolio or website, it has broken down the barriers to entry. It also has a WPML plug-in that helps in translating your content to reach a bigger audience.

    Demo of Kalium Portfolio & Photography Gallery WordPress Theme

    Portfolio & Photography / Gallery $35

    Collective is by far the most visually stimulating, responsive and feature rich WordPress theme. It is packed with features that make it dynamic and engaging. It caters to a myriad of industries and is image centric. The theme makes your visual content stand out amongst the rest. You do not have to write a single line of code because of the built in premium visual composer plugin. It also provides you with high quality layouts, smooth transitions and much more.

    Demo of Collective Portfolio & Photography Gallery WordPress Theme

    Portfolio & Photography / Gallery $59

    Photo Me is a widget ready, high resolution WordPress theme that has earned the trust of over 90,000 customers. It is responsive and can work on any screen size or browser. It has extensive documentation and professional support. It has tons of plugins and demos available for various industries and niches. It has layouts for grids, full screen layout and many others. Lastly, it has a live preview so you can make changes to the live website.

    Demo of Photo Me Portfolio & Photography Gallery WordPress Theme

    Portfolio & Photography / Gallery $59

    TwoFold is a minimalistic, modern, lightweight and responsive website for WordPress that is specifically built for showcasing images. It showcases your website in the most visually pleasing manner and is useful for photographers who want to show off their photos to a wider audience. It has versatile AJAX filtering so that you can create pages that cater to different themes and categories. Creating a web album or a huge art gallery is simplified with TwoFold.

    Demo of TwoFold Portfolio & Photography Gallery WordPress Theme

    Portfolio & Photography / Gallery $69

    Pinhole is one of the most focused and refined WordPress themes out there. It is built for photography freelancers and creative artists. It has a huge collection of gallery options without the need for adding extra plugins. You do not even need coding skills for the theme to be applied, thanks to Pinhole’s easy website builder.

    Demo of Pinhole Portfolio & Photography Gallery WordPress Theme

    Portfolio & Photography / Gallery $55

    The final contender in our gallery theme list is Panama, which is styled in a modern and streamlined portfolio manner that increases the visual appeal of your website to a large degree. You can use panama for many artistic niches such as fashion, wedding photography, arts, blogs and many more. It is responsive and works on all screen sizes, so what is not to like about it.

    Demo of Panama Portfolio & Photography Gallery WordPress Theme

    Business & Corporate $89

    If you have been a WordPress user for some time, you probably know about Divi. If you are not, you should familiarize yourself with this amazing theme. It is a complete website solution that is filled to the brim with features that are convenient as well as time saving. Its multiple features include configurable widgets, ecommerce support, website security, design elements, backend integration and much more. Perhaps the most distinctive feature of Divi is the Divi Visual Page Builder plugin with its easy-to-use drag and drop feature that lets you create a beautifully designed website in a time span of few hours.

    Demo of Divi Business & Corporate WordPress Theme

    Business & Corporate $59

    If you have no particular knowledge of how web technologies work but you still want your online business to stand out, then Uncode should be your choice. It is a multi-faceted WordPress theme that adapts to any market niche and provides users with a simple and accessible interface. Its built-in visual composer plugin provides you with the functionality of creating an aesthetically designed website without any particular hassle.To top it all off, it is completely compatible with popular plugins like WooCommerce and the WPML plug-in. The former helps in designing an effective ecommerce site while the latter helps in making your content readable for international and multi-cultural audiences.

    Demo of Uncode Business & Corporate WordPress Theme

    Business & Corporate $59

    Jevelin is a WordPress theme that promises strength and security when creating an online business. It has a robust set of tools, plugins and integration modules that simplify the process of website building like no other theme. With just a few clicks, you can create a chic and polished website layout. It is also interoperable with ecommerce plugins like WooCommerce that helps in creating a strong portfolio of products for your website.

    Demo of Jevelin Business & Corporate WordPress Theme

    Business & Corporate $59

    Bostan is a theme that is built with extensive attention to detail and focuses on delivering a theme that can be configured by webmasters of any background or level. It is highly functional and provides a great amount of features for website optimization. Its features include Project carousel, team member suite and testimonial sections. It is powered by Bootstrap, so it is a lot easier to customize its code if you are a developer. However, Bostan does not leave the common webmaster in the dark because of its simple and easy to use front-end customizer.

    Demo of Bostan Business & Corporate WordPress Theme

    Business & Corporate $49

    Etalon is a theme that you do not want to miss out on. It offers robust support for sales and shopping transaction partly thanks to its compatibility with plugins like WooCommerce, Contact forms, Google Maps and Typekit, etc. that are a must have for any business website. It has a bootstrap based drag and drop layout that provides ease of use and to top it all off, it has content and layout designing options with Slider Revolution, Lightbox and Google Fonts, etc.

    Demo of Etalon Business & Corporate WordPress Theme

    Business & Corporate $59

    Handel provides you with a fast-paced, modern and minimal WordPress website. Handel is particularly made for quick development and is suitable for webmasters from any field of endeavor. Its functionalities include cutting edge aesthetic design tools and GPU-accelerated parallax effect that make your website beautiful yet not too heavy on the resources.

    Demo of Handel Business & Corporate WordPress Theme

    Business & Corporate $59

    Stash comes equipped with virtual page design facility, branding tools, design studio and many more features. It is built for speed and flexibility and can adapt to the needs of all kinds of websites. Additionally, it has Google fonts, Font Awesome and Visual Composer capabilities that helps beef up your website in terms of design and customization.

    Demo of Stash Business & Corporate WordPress Theme

    Business & Corporate $59

    Studio 8 is the website theme of choice if you are looking to expand your business and stand out from the crowd. It helps webmasters of any skill level to develop beautiful websites that fit their design. The website theme is paid-for but it provides you with endless functionalities such as drop-down menus, threaded comment feature and faster loading pages.

    Demo of Studio 8 Business & Corporate WordPress Theme

    Business & Corporate $39

    Massive Dynamic is a dynamic theme for all the right reasons. It is filled with almost endless functionalities such as unique shortchodes, headers, footers, navbars and a huge collection of templates to choose from. With its built in unique Live Website Builder, you can customize the website easily without having any previous coding experience. So it is built for diversified use.

    Demo of Massive Dynamic Business & Corporate WordPress Theme

    Business & Corporate $29

    The X WordPress theme is ground breaking. It offers a huge array of multiple designs and concepts in one bundle. It has a thorough documentation and an efficient support staff that will solve all your problems related to X’s usage. It is such a popular theme in fact, that it has won the title of the fastest selling WordPress theme of all time.

    Demo of X – The Theme Business & Corporate WordPress Theme

    Business & Corporate $39

    Who needs web development expertise when you have WordPress themes like Crane? Crane is a multipurpose theme that provides webmasters with loads of functionalities such as cliparts, portfolio options, galleries, homepages, website customization, SEO optimization, WooCommerce integration and much more.

    Demo of Crane Business & Corporate WordPress Theme

    Business & Corporate $39

    LeadEngine is a WordPress theme that is clean, sharp, responsive and multipurpose all at the same time. It caters the website building needs of webmasters from any skill level range or experience level. It has an efficient collection of over 200 shortcodes that help you display advance features anywhere on your website. It is sleek and minimalistic that shows your website and its content in the best of lights.

    Demo of LeadEngine Business & Corporate WordPress Theme

    Business & Corporate $49

    A result of thorough planning and meticulous insights, Incubator is definitely the theme to look out for if you are looking to create a perfect platform for your website. Its robust engine can handle all sorts of traffic and is the least likely to crash, this is the reason why many businesses prefer incubator. Incubator also comes with the following features: Drag and drop page builder, slideshow/gallery builder and payment gateway integration. All in all, Incubator is your go-to theme if you are looking to have an impact online.

    Demo of Incubator Business & Corporate WordPress Theme

    Knowlege base & Wiki $149

    KnowAll tops our list for all the right reasons. It is a premium WordPress website theme powered by HeroThemes, which is a big name in the WordPress theme development industry.

    KnowAll is the most effective knowledge base website theme that comes with an AJAX powered live search tool, which helps visitors to your website get quick access to the desired information. It also has a feature of uploading documents that you can use to beef up your knowledge based content.

    KnowAll is developed with precision and provides you with easy-to-read documentation. Moreover, it provides you with reporting tools to monitor performance and website analytics.

    Demo of KnowAll Knowlege base & Wiki WordPress Theme

    Knowlege base & Wiki $49

    Flatbase is a responsive and flexible WordPress website theme for building a knowledge-based informational website. Its flexibility comes in the form of its flat-design feature which is popular amongst modern websites. It lets you create informational content in a flat manner showcasing all of the content while being aesthetically pleasing. If you have a lot of informational content that is interrelated, then Flatbase should be your first choice, primarily, because of its amazing user experience and flat UI.

    Flatbase, being a website theme for the Wiki and knowledge based industry, provides you with an add-on called bbPress, which lets you create an FAQ for your website. With this, not only will you be able to create a good enough website, you will also be able to create a community around your website. These features and many more make Flatbase an overall organized website theme.

    Demo of Flatbase Knowlege base & Wiki WordPress Theme

    Knowlege base & Wiki $59

    kBase is one of the most feature rich and powerful themes available on WordPress. The reason for this is because of its content savvy AJAX tools. Its AJAX functionality helps to improve the overall design of your website and makes it search engine optimized. It provides you with countless reporting features in the form of rating content, article attachments, website insights and analytics, feedback and extra content improvement widgets that enhance the quality of content on your display sections and sidebars. Additionally, it provides you with the ability to create custom CSS files so that you can have better control over the display side of your content. Lastly, it has over 5000 satisfied users, so what is not to like aboutkBase.

    Demo of kBase Knowlege base & Wiki WordPress Theme

    Knowlege base & Wiki $69

    HelpGuru is one WordPress website theme that supports content with style and aesthetics. It is a fresh and modern WordPress theme that is designed with style in mind. It has a boat-load of functionalities that include article rating, content analytics and content organization for creating better informational content stacks. It is fully responsive and retina ready.

    Coupled with this, HelpGuru has the bbPress community builder plugin that helps you to create a supportive community around your website. With additional features of colors, font and layout customization, HelpGuru is definitely a theme you should try out.

    Demo of HelpGuru Knowlege base & Wiki WordPress Theme

    Knowlege base & Wiki $32

    Helper is one WordPress theme that is built for creating knowledge based informational content websites. It is one of the most flexible themes out there and because of its search engine optimization, it provides great searches in search engine result pages. Helper provides you with customizable layouts for your homepage as well as for your header and footers.

    Helper is integrated with AJAX powered search efficiency tools that helps users to find content relevant to their searches. With bbPress, Helper provides the webmaster with the ability to create a community around the website. Lastly, Helper provides you with full website customization technology in the form of the Visual Composer plug-in.

    Demo of Helper Knowlege base & Wiki WordPress Theme

    Knowlege base & Wiki $59

    KnowHow is one of the most popular Knowledge base and Wiki themes of WordPress today. Testament to it is the fact that it currently has over 2000 purchases at the time of this writing. KnowHow provides support on multiple channels because of its responsive nature. So it does not matter whether visitors to your website are using mobile, desktops or laptops, KnowHow’s retina ready responsiveness adjusts to all screen sizes and orientations. With AJAX powered search quality and many other front-end and back-end features, KnowHow is definitely a strong contender for the knowledge based category of WordPress themes.

    Demo of KnowHow Knowlege base & Wiki WordPress Theme

    Knowlege base & Wiki Free

    Knowledge Base is the best WordPress theme for informational content if you are aiming at creating a knowledge base or wiki for your product or service. It has an immaculate design and keeps creativity an aesthetic sense intact when displaying content. It is responsive and is perfect for any screen size when displayed from the users-end. With multiple front-end color combinations, fonts, and layout options combined with the back-end functionalities of AJAX live-search with auto completion, there is little need to explain how much of a powerhouse the Knowledge Base WordPress theme is. It is highly recommended that you try it out.

    Demo of Knowledge Base Knowlege base & Wiki WordPress Theme

    Knowlege base & Wiki $47

    Last but not the least, we have Altera, which is the best design website that provides excellent functionalities for users and webmasters while being modern looking, minimal and simple, all at the same time. But do not let its simplistic design fool you, it is highly functional from the backend with fixed headers and multiple plug-in functionalities that make your website more alluring and useful to the viewer. It also has bbPress integration that allows you to create a discussion on your website and build a community around it. Additionally, it has the live search auto completion feature powered by AJAX which helps refine searches on your website.

    Demo of Altera Knowlege base & Wiki WordPress Theme

    Podcasting $54

    When it comes to creating a podcasting site, Podcaster should be your first choice. It is one of the cleanest, flexible and responsive WordPress themes out there. It supports both audio and video integration and uses the video format called oEmbed. It comes with features that allow showcasing the most liked or featured podcasts on the front page. It includes multiple templates and has themes ranging from light to dark combinations. Some of its most popular features are its responsiveness to all screen sizes, integration with BluBrryPowerPress, powerful theme customizing options and parallax scrolling. You should definitely give Podcaster a run if a stellar site is your goal.

    Demo of Podcaster Podcasting WordPress Theme

    Podcasting $69

    SecondLineThemes has developed its latest WordPress theme, Satchmo. It is developed keeping in mind the need of a podcaster and all of the features that are required by such users. It is one of those themes that are designed and developed for optimum performance and good user experience.

    It is an easily customizable theme that can be optimized for page speed as well as SEO. You do not need to worry about external support with this theme because it is integrated with embed functions for all the major audio/video formats and websites. Satchmo comes with a page-builder plugin that helps normal users in creating pages of their choices with options of fonts and color customizations.

    Demo of Satchmo Podcasting WordPress Theme

    Podcasting $59

    OnAir2 is the best podcasting theme for you if you want a professional and SEO optimized radio station website. Coupled with such functionalities, it also supports all the most recent podcasting technologies. Its many features include:

  • Page building tools.
  • Events carousels.
  • 11 post types that can be customized.
  • Customizable widgets.
  • Animated headers and video support.
  • Event mapping capabilities.
  • On the developer side, this theme provides you with a clean and commented codebase as well as the SASS files that you can edit according to our needs.
  • Demo of OnAir2 Podcasting WordPress Theme

    Podcasting $59

    Another contender in our list is the Entertainer WordPress theme. This theme is constructed specifically for entertainment. It does not matter what your topic is or the niche, Entertainer is the best WordPress website for making your talent reach the world. Its most intriguing features include:

  • Templates for portfolios, blogs and many more.
  • WooCommerce integration for online business.
  • Gravity Form and JetPack plugin capability.
  • Customization of fonts and colors.
  • Entertainer is SEO optimized so it does not play around when it claims to make your content reach wider audiences.
  • Demo of Entertainer Podcasting WordPress Theme

    Podcasting $49

    Oscillator is an excellent WordPress theme developed for podcasters.It is built with cutting edge technologies and has a unique design. It provides a feature called Streaming Audio Player that provides users with the ability to listen to your live station and download songs from your track-list system which in turn doubles the experience for the users in the process. Its more advanced features include the full compatibility with plugins such as Divi builder, SiteOrigin page builder and customization options with multiple post types and custom widgets.

    Demo of Oscillator Podcasting WordPress Theme

    Podcasting $69

    Dixie is another theme by SecondLineThemes and it is pretty good with its minimalistic approach in design. But with the clean layout, its developers have not compromised on functionalities. Dixie supports Elementor’s drag and drop page building tool as well as several well-known podcasting plugins.

    Dixie’s page builder tools help in building a website as easy as a walk in the park. Additionally, it has live preview which makes you note changes in real time. Other features of Dixie include multiple layouts, fully functional audio player, multiple colors and font support.

    Demo of Dixie Podcasting WordPress Theme

    Podcasting $49

    Music is one of the most functional WordPress themes available on the internet. It is an excellent theme because it is fully responsive and retina ready, making it the ideal WordPress theme for your podcasting website. You can opt for both a multiple page as well as a single page design when creating a website with Music. It has a full width video background feature that allows a user to upload videos on the landing sections of the website. Some of its features include:

  • Multiple page and header styles.
  • Smart layout options.
  • WooCommerce functionality.
  • WPML plug in facility.
  • Customizable panel.
  • It is the go-to theme if you are looking for both design and functionality.
  • Demo of Music Podcasting WordPress Theme

    Podcasting $59

    Viseo is developed by Progression themes that takes podcasting on WordPress to a whole new level. It uses customized drag and drop page builders, stunning sliders and includes demo templates that are customizable along with a myriad of color as well as font options. To top it all off, it also has support for Photoshop files. It is fully integrated with Elementor that helps you build a custom website without having to go through the hassle of coding.

    Demo of Viseo Podcasting WordPress Theme

    Podcasting $39

    If you are looking for a combination of elegant design and powerful features and functionalities, the Sessions theme is for you. Some of Sessions features include slider options for showcasing your best content and letting your visitors know about future episodes, WooCommerce and Elementor compatibility, page builder customization with Divi builder, streaming audio player support and multiple widgets for further customization.

    Demo of Sessions Podcasting WordPress Theme

    Podcasting $125

    Finally, we have Amplify. As the name suggests, it is a multi-purpose podcasting theme that is sure to increase you brands presence. It has a beautiful design with state of the art features that provide you full integration with several audio and video plugins that have proven to be extremely useful for artists who love creating podcasts and music.

    It also has a feature called AudioTheme which is a music management system that keeps track of all your gigs, albums and videos. It is responsive to all screen sizes and devices, making it the best theme for music sites.

    Demo of Amplify Podcasting WordPress Theme

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