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Online Portal for a
Top-Class Men’s Grooming Establishment


We have worked with the Porter Company in order to establish their online presence in UK with the help of a functionality packed powerful website with the following benefits:

  • Boost in Product Sales via Secure Platform. We developed a secure web-based store that showcases the Porter products in an aesthetically pleasing interface which in turn will boost the sale of products online.
  • Consistent and User-friendly Customer Experience. We created a website that is convenient for online appointment booking and comes with a design that is consistent with the Porter Company’s values and overall style.
  • More than 19.3k Social Media Followers. We integrated the website with various popular social media platforms that led to a following of over 19,300 on Instagram alone with strategized digital marketing.


About Porter’s Barber

Porter’s was established with the vision of providing men with the best grooming services. From the stunning ambiance that looks something out of the gentlemen’s era to the modern atmosphere that capture’s the 21st-century charm, Porter’s is the place to have a man’s grooming needs catered at.


This company has a variety of products. They sell custom designs in the form of t-shirts, kid’s tees, baby onesies, and tote bags. They also sell vintage inspired razors, clippers, shaving brushes, scissors, and handheld mirrors. The exclusive 350 club is a modern service subscription method for gentlemen who like special perks with their grooming needs such as members-only events and priority treatment appointments.

The Challenges

Before working with Dynamologic, Porter’s Barber faced three main challenges regarding their website design needs:

  • Limited sale opportunities: A brick and mortar store can sell products to a handful of people living in the store’s vicinity. Same was the case with Porter’s, they needed a platform that could help in selling all their products.
  • Limited customer engagement: Nowadays, people trust companies with a professional looking website to gather information regarding the products or any purchases. Without a website, customer engagement was not possible.
  • Limited social media following: Social media is used for reach, reputation and customer relationship with the brand. Porter’s has social media accounts but did not know if it was worth investing in for a stronger following.Porter’s Barber felt all these limitations without a robust online presence that also supported e-store functionalities. They knew that by removing these limitations, opportunities for growth could be found.

How Dynamologic Helped

We helped Porter’s Barber overcome these challenges with the help of a strategic approach that best suited their business needs:

Powerful and robust eCommerce site: The first requirement Porter’s Barber team had was of a website. The second thing they needed was an online store for selling their merchandise and service related packages in the form of vouchers and exclusive memberships. We developed an eCommerce enabled website that was responsive in design and secure in nature with fully integrated payment gateways and methods.

Design of website in-line with the brand: Porter’s Barber is a well-established store with a specific theme that lies between classy and modern. We incorporated this iconic look on the website and online store while keeping in view the color scheme and style of the physical store. Our clean code and SEO-friendly content have made the website of Porter’s easily reachable for potential customers via search engines.

Social media strategy for the brand: We integrated the popular social media platform to the Porter’s website’s header and footer. The social media linking allowed users to easily find the accounts and in turn, increases customer engagement with the company. This channels a transparent and open-to-suggestion culture of the company and encourages sales to a broader set of customers.

From the initial requirement analysis to the last step of deployment, our team was directly involved in all. We had a flexible model between our team and Porter’s leadership with frequent updates about the project’s progress.

The Results

When the Porter’s Barber website was launched, the online store helped in reeling in more customers and potential leads. We addressed the three challenges faced by the company and the results experienced by them were:

  1. Boost in sales: The online store integrated website provided a significant increase in sales of both merchandise and service vouchers. The great user experience provided by the website’s intuitive layout and quick loading speed of the website due to flawless responsive design has contributed greatly to an increase in their sales.
  2. User engagement: With their website, Porter’s team is now able to share details of their shop locations, services offered, exclusive events and grooming tips via the journal section. New customers know the full detail of the things Porter’s has to offer with just a click on the website.
  3. Social media: Porter’s Barber provides various social media platforms to their customers for where they can connect with the company. Currently, they have 19.3k Instagram followers and 1k+ Facebook followers. This exposure on social media allows them to effectively market their products and services to a huge chunk of the audience.

Porter’s Barber went through a significant growth period with the launch of its online presence. They are able to sell their products all across the nation and have a better reach than their competitors’ thanks to the web solution created by Dynamologic Solutions.