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New Logo Announcement

Big news!

We are pleased to announce that after eleven years, Dynamologic Solutions has a new brand identity. The updated branding includes a new logo and website. The new look will be incorporated in all our products and social accounts. Our new and upgraded look is in sync with what we have become since April, 2007: a provider of scalable web platforms and cutting-edge mobile solutions. We are proud to announce this rebranding which is a testament to our company’s ongoing evolution.

After hours of meticulous brainstorming, discussion and feedback from our team, our new logo was conceived. Our design conveys our core belief and areas of proficiency which is quite different from our previous design.

The shape of our logo is inspired from a few things such as the name of the company, the concept behind the name, our areas, and technologies of expertise. The red color in the logo represents the energetic and determined culture of our company while the white color symbolizes the UI/UX simplicity of our high-end products. Vision Sans in bold is used for the text. Given below is the complete visual breakdown of our new logo which shows how our logo incorporates our fields of expertise and platforms on which we offer our services.

One thing that bothered us in the past was how to unify our company’s skill set in one place. We are a software development company that creates solutions for both web and mobile platforms with expertise in both native and cross-platform app development. Our portfolio is brimming with powerful eCommerce sites, interactive fantasy games and feature packed websites. By keeping in view all these points, we came up with this new design for our website.

Our company has a strong commitment towards growth and continuous development and as we emerge into this exciting and amazing phase, we would like to take this opportunity to express our immense gratitude for our loyal clients.

All this rebranding has been a lot of work and we are super excited to share this news. Let us know what you think about this major branding change.

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