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BJJTube provides a free, online, categorised database of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ) videos for Gi/ No Gi grapplers. BJJ is a martial art, combat sport and a self defence system that focuses on grappling and especially ground fighting. is updated daily to provide the latest techniques, competition matches and sparring videos from across the world.

Tools and Technologies:


  • Registration is completely free. After registration, the user is required to enter his/her username/email and password.
  • The users can edit/update their credentials from the Profile page accessed by clicking on their username.
  • The homepage includes a number of sections such as Featured Videos, Latest Videos, Most Viewed Videos, Most Liked Videos, Back Videos and Concepts and Grips Videos.
  • The number of likes received as well as the number of views for each video, displayed in the bottom right of the video‚Äôs thumbnail and Time Since Posted appears in the bottom left. Once a user clicks on a video to view it, its likes, dislikes and views appear in the top left.
  • Users can comment, share, like/dislike and even turn off light for each video. They can also add videos to their favorites which appear in the My Favorites section.
  • Search bar is available in the header as well as alongside each video.
  • Videos have been classified into tons of categories and sub-categories such as stand up, on top, on bottom, side control, mount, back, competition matches, sparring etc. Video for different categories and sub-categories can be sorted by latest, viewed, liked and comments.
  • Multi-lingual support is available in the site.