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Carmah is a Canada based carpool facility that enables its users to easy-commute within the premises of Canada by booking rides online as a driver or a passenger.

Tools and Technologies:


  • Carmah offers a wide ranging location based search for rides’ pick and drop, powered by Google. It can be further categorized owing to the service needed (driver/passenger) and date or time oriented. The search results can be sorted according to starting and ending distances, best matches available and prices offered.
  • Carmah suggests a ‘Fair Fare’ to every ride post. It is an objective rate calculated by Carmah and is 40% of the gas and parking costs. Fair Fare is updated weekly to reflect the current price of gasoline. However, it is not obligatory to accept the Fair Fare.
  • With Carmah, the driver and passenger do not need to hand in money directly. Instead every member is allotted a Carmah account and all transactions between the driver and passenger are held by Carmah. Money deposit and withdrawal into and out of Carmah account takes place via Paypal, Starbucks or Amazon.
  • The ride booking is validated according to the allowances in a member’s Carmah account. Any booking exceeding the account statement are rejected by the administration.
  • All payments are made within 24 hours of the service taken except if notified of any discrepancy (such as passenger or driver not showing up).
  • All fiscal holdings of Carmah are in Canadian Dollars.
  • The passenger and driver can rate or review the other according to the service provided. It ranks the users according to their performance and reliability.