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Cricket Crack it is a fantasy cricket website which allows its users to formulate a squad of 1 Wicketkeeper, 5 Batsmen, 2 All-Rounders, 3 Bowlers and 4 substitutes; out of which is selected a team of playing XI to compete with cricket lovers all over the world. It features a Leader Board to keep its users updated about the statistics of the cricket around the globe and the positions of the teams registered on the website, deadlines to arrange teams according to matches held in real time, points’ calculation at the end of matches or series and Prizes to win at the end of tournaments. Cricket Crack it offers its users their personal registered accounts on the website and can also be logged in using their Facebook ones.

Tools and Technologies:

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CricketCrackIt is a fantasy cricket website


  • Personal registration with a squad of 15 players with playing XI to compete internationally.
  • Leaderboard to file all updates on scoring in accordance with team name, manager of team, points earned, points deducted and gross total.
  • Schedule details for matches and deadlines before picking of team.
  • Point calculation according to a set of rules that are listed in the points calculation section.
  • Video tutorial available on site for beginners and in case of queries.
  • Point settling by a logarithmic sequence of the website and update of points every 30 minutes during live cricket championships.
  • Access to other managers’ profiles and team details to compare on-going competition results.
  • Player statistics update and visible to all.

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