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CV Whiz

CV Whiz is state-of-the-art resume creation service that harnesses the power of modern day cutting edge digital media to help you distinguish yourself from millions of job seekers hitchhiking the rugged plains of the job market. It enables you to develop a dynamic online CV in addition to an attractive offline one.

Tools and Technologies:


  • CV can be created right from the home page using the Getting Started its Free button.
  • The homepage contains a detailed and comprehensive infographic explaining the whole process of resume creation.
  • The users can get their profiles created by simply providing general information on the SignUp page.
  • Once a user’s profile has been created, he/she is directed to the home page of the CV builder wizard. The created CV can be viewed, downloaded or edited further as per the users’ discretion.
  • The users can upload their photographs at the homepage as well as upload a video resume by entering an embedded video code.
  • On the CV builder’s homepage, the user is asked to provide the following information in different sections: - Summary of experience, skills, and achievements is required in the About Me section. - The second section asks the user to enter three reasons that make him/her the ideal candidate for the job. - Employment and education timeline lets the user add/update/remove academic qualifications and previous jobs. - Skills can be added/updated/removed in the Skills section and in addition, a rating can be attributed to them. - Photo Gallery section allows uploading of multiple photographs along with captions. - Interests can be added/updated/removed in the Interests section. - My Top 3 Books section enables the user to enter the titles of his/her favorite books. Suggestions of relevant books’ titles are automatically given once a user types in a segment of the title or the writer’s name. - Thesis, publication or books can be added/updated/removed in the My Work section. - References are added/updated/removed in the My Reference section.
  • A number of eye-catching templates and themes are provided for the resume to be downloaded as PDF. Visibility settings and background color options are available for each template.
  • Users can edit/update their profile from the My Account page and can send their offline CV with a link to their online one when applying for jobs.

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