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EDUTown is a professional network for teachers that on one hand allows the school owners to showcase their schools and find talented teachers in accordance with their requirements while on the other hand helps their teachers in their job search and share their teaching and learning experiences with each other.

Tools and Technologies:

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EDUTown is a professional network for teachers and school owners


  • The teachers can sign up using their Facebook and LinkedIn credentials or simply by using a valid email address.
  • The registration process for the teachers includes some basic information retrieval such as location, current school, subject and the grades taught.
  • The registration for schools requires basic information such as the school name, type, grade levels, address etc.
  • From the dashboard, the teachers can - Share their thoughts with their connections - Access their profiles and edit/update them - Find out relevant job opportunities - Get access to the different groups joined - Enter the lounge to join discussions on various topics
  • The users can send messages to their connections, receive messages in their inbox, save messages as drafts and archive messages.
  • The users can follow each other and find new connections with people as well as with schools.
  • Email notifications are available for connection invitations and comments.

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