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Fantasy Champ

Fantasy Champ

Fantasy Champ is your no-strings-attached daily fantasy sports experience which lets users to enter into as many leagues and sports and earn some real money simply by picking their team and using their knowledge to beat the pack. Get hooked onto Fantasy Champ, compete with your like-minded folk and become a millionaire!

Tools and Technologies:


  • A new user can register onto Fantasy Champ using a valid email address, Facebook or Twitter. Once a user logs in, the upcoming games, history displaying the recently completed contests and access their friends from their profile.
  • The tournaments and head to head contests along with their entries, size, entry fee, prizes, and lockout are displayed in the Lobby.
  • A user can enter into a contest right from the lobby and can enter as many times into as many tournaments as they like.
  • The squad formation for NBA involves picking five players at core positions and one utility player with a salary cap of $50,000.
  • Players are awarded points based on their performance during the day’s games. Results are finalized 30 minutes after final game of the tournament has finished.
  • Player pricing and salaries updated at the end of all daily tournaments. More the people entering a tournament, bigger is the prize pool. PayPal is used a payment gateway.
  • Details of scoring systems for all the sports are described on the website.
  • The My Contests page highlights the users’ upcoming and past contests along with live scoring.
  • The website maintains a history of the users’ adding or withdrawing funds along with the balance and pending balance in the Transaction History.