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Fariqak Fantasy

Fariqak Fantasy

Fariqak is a fantasy football website that allows users to manage their own virtual football teams at an online portal. It shares the audience of the Middle East and Turkey and is trilingual in its content (i.e. available in English, Turkish and Arabic).

Tools and Technologies:

Fariqak Fantasy is a fantasy football website that allows users to manage their own virtual football teams


  • Fariqak allows its users to create their own football squad of 15 members with 11 team players under a default virtual budget.
  • Content management which includes members, players, points, transactions and advertisements is handled by the administrator of the website.
  • The manager gets the points automatically based on the real performance of players selected in his virtual team.
  • The prices of the players are based on demand and supply from the entire user community and are changed accordingly.
  • Badges ascertaining to the participation on the website are granted to the manager. Badges include a variety, for instance, monthly league winner, most money spent by a manager, country.
  • Mini leagues and private leagues amongst users can be added, organised or participated in by the team managers.
  • Various competitions are held simultaneously on the website and are of genres that include: – Country Level – Competition of points amongst users belonging to the same country. – Starting Gameweek – Competition of points amongst users who have same starting points. – Overall Season – Competitions of points amongst all users.

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Working with Dynamologic for me, hasn’t just been about getting a very nice product, it has also been about extremely friendly customer service, attentiveness to my needs as a client, and perhaps just as valuable as the product, very constructive suggestions for upgrades! I can’t say I would work with them again, because I already am!!

Talal Jabri
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Talal Jabari

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