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Koachito is the top of the line fantasy football league in Africa that gives the football fanatics the opportunity to enter into weekly multiplayer contests and win real Nigerian bucks utilizing their skills and experience. It’s time to get your skills tested and your adrenaline pumping! Just set up and manage your own team of your favorite players, keep following the English Premier League closely, compete against your rivals and keep on winning!

Tools and Technologies:


  • The users can register themselves on Koachito using a valid email address. They can also log in to the website using their Facebook credentials.
  • Paga or member’s credit/debit card can be used for processing financial transactions that may involve money withdrawal or deposit. The funds withdrawal has to be sanctioned by the administrator in order to take place.
  • The Contests tab on the home screen of the website displays the competitions on offer, their entry fee, number of vacant seats available for each competition, the deadline for entrance into the competition and the button to join the contest. The contests can be filtered for free and paid ones.
  • When the cursor hovers on any of the Contest Names, the proportion in which the prize money is to be distributed is displayed!
  • The “Scoring Details” sub-tab lets the users view the criteria and the associated points while “View Matches” sub-tab displays all the fixtures scheduled for the current week.
  • When a user joins any contest, he/she is guided to the player selection page, where a user can organize tables based on what position one would like to fill.
  • Clicking on a player’s name, in the Player Selection Page, shows the player’s value, season statistics and current and past weeks’ performance.
  • The users can name their teams and draft in players. If a user does not name his/her team, a name is automatically assigned to the team. They can also edit team lineup at any point until the start of the contest by clicking on the contest in the My Contests tab.
  • As the user selects the ADD button opposite any position in the Team Selection Table, all the players corresponding to that position are stacked together in the Player Selection Table. The user can now add the player of his/her liking from among the pool of players being displayed.
  • Each player is assigned a point value based on his past performance. The better the player, the more points it takes to get them on your team. Initially, the users can draft in players with a salary cap of 100 points.
  • Once the contest has started, money is taken out of the users’ Koachito accounts to fund the game. At the end of the game, the players are disbursed money in accordance with the proportion decided by the administrator at the outset. However, if the vacancies for a certain game are not filled, then prize money is distributed according to the total number of users.
  • For each contest, winners are determined by the individuals who use their skill and knowledge to accumulate the most fantasy points. Fantasy points are accumulated through the performance of individual players in the current football matches.
  • Koachito fetches the most updated football league and player statistics via
  • A condensed, responsive version of the Koachito website formatted for phones and tablets is also available.

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