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LeadPoint Marketing

LeadPoint Marketing

LeadPoint Marketing is a digital marketing website that is geared to providing top-of-the-line, professional, comprehensive and a broad range of cost effective and efficient capacity building, training and consultation programs to assist entrepreneurs in bolstering their business and maximizing their return on investment.

Tools and Technologies:

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LeadPoint Marketing is a comprehensive digital marketing website


  • The home page provides insight on the various mechanisms that the site offers to help grow your business.
  • Free powerful and profitable marketing templates including the the profitable homepage, 10-minute blog post, and 3 part email drip campaign can be obtained by providing your email on the homepage.
  • The homepage also contains the Managing Director’s message illuminating as to why and how guidance and advice can help you extract the maximum profit out of your investments.
  • Custom scan and analysis report, using a Site Scoring Tool, of your website can be obtained in less than a minute.
  • The report summarizes ten different areas of the website including competitive analysis, current traffic, keywords, content, On-Site SEO, Links, Usability, Social, Security and Mobile Responsive.
  • The findings and observations of the report are used to provide you with a step by step plan to help grow your business in terms of - Improving your search engine ranking - Increasing traffic to your website - Generating more qualified leads - Increasing sales on consistent basis
  • A number of free resources can be retrieved from the Free Resources page including presentations, videos, statistics, checklists and guidelines to help you better understand the dynamics of how to generate traffic to your website.
  • Three coaching options are available for a one-on-one MarketSmart coaching program while a free thirty minute coaching call can also be received.
  • A 7-step client focused LeadPoint Marketing program helps increase sales while generating consistent and predictable revenue streams.
  • LeadPoint Marketing can be contacted via the provided telephone number or a contact form.

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