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Learnyard is a marketplace website that serves as a meeting place for students and instructors. Learnyard facilitates instructors of all skills and crafts to promote their lessons to interested students. Visitors can browse through various learning categories. Registered instructors can list their classes, and registered students can book listed lessons in exchange for instructor’s fee, or request for lessons that aren’t listed. Learnyard promotes in person learning sessions, as opposed to online video lessons and provides an easy exchange of payment between the two parties meeting through Learnyard.

Tools and Technologies:


  • Learnyard allows instructors to provide all the necessary information for each lesson, including lesson title, description, cover photo, gallery pictures, lesson time and other details. Moreover, the instructor can edit the added lesson at any point of time.
  • Learnyard keeps all its users updated via email notifications. Notifications go out to newly registered users, to students when they request lessons or when an instructor responds to their request and to all users every time they receive a new message.
  • The website provides messaging service, allowing students and instructors to correspond with each other. The students & instructors cannot exchange contact information, however, unless the booking has been finalized.
  • The website allows students to rate and review instructors after completion of the lesson. A notification is sent out to the student after the completion as a reminder to review the instructor, and to the instructor when he receives a review.
  • Once the instructors have delivered their services, the website provides “cash out” to them via their preferred mode of payment (Paypal, cheque or bank draft). Learnyard charges a fixed service charge for every successfully completed transaction. The website integrates Paypal and Stripe as protected payment modes.
  • The website also facilitates the instructor to have a flexible cancellation policy and the refunds are managed according to the chosen cancellation policy of the instructor.
  • The admin panel allows user management, lesson manage, communication moderation, payment management & reviews management.
  • The website has been deployed on Amazon Web Services.

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