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LiiLT is a worldwide electronic music careers network which helps the job seekers connect with the best job opportunities from all over the world and assists employers in hiring the most suitable candidates for their posts. In addition, LiiLT hosts an extensive repository of electronic music knowledge and serves as comprehensive resource for the lovers of electronic music.

Tools and Technologies:

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LiiLT is a worldwide electronic music careers network


  • To register, the users can choose from Basic membership level or Pro membership level which gives them complete user experience in addition to a whole stack of extra features.
  • The Pro members get access to extended profile page features; search filters when searching for companies, colleges and people; and lets them send messages to other users.
  • Registering an account permits users to post their resume, apply for a job, add company profiles and add job offers.
  • Once registered, the user gets directed to a feeds page which displays the following: - Status to share your thoughts - Posting and subsequent sharing of photos - Links, status’ and photos shared by other users - Featured courses, personal profiles, company and college
  • The users can edit/update their profiles directly from their personal feeds and start networking with professionals, companies and organizations.
  • An online magazine is also featured which brings the latest industry news, career advice/resources/industry Q&As.
  • Profiles for people, companies and colleges can be searched and viewed.
  • A contact form is provided in case of customer support, technical support, advertising and feedback.

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