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Quick Pix

Quick Pix

QuickPix is a predictive game owned by Ace Roster which has been designed especially for the FIFA World Cup 2014. The game requires players to make result and score predictions and get graded based on correct predictions. Players with the most points make it to the top of the “leaderboard” and stand the chance of winning physical prizes, including cash and smartphones.

Tools and Technologies:

QuickPix is a predictive game owned by Ace Roster


  • Players can make result and score predictions for future matches and get graded for correct predictions. Players can predict whether a team will win, lose or draw and the probable score of the two sides.
  • If uncertain, players can also opt for the “Autopick” option, letting the app make a popularity-based result prediction for them.
  • Quick Pix automatically updates match results, if connected to the internet.
  • Players can also play against other players by creating leagues. Public leagues are open-to-all and allow players to play against other strangers, while private leagues are password-protected and let players have a private game with their friends by sharing a code.
  • A “leaderboard” illustrates real time rankings of top 25 players based on their correct predictions. The leaderboard can be filtered to view top rankings by week-basis (previous or current) and by tournament basis (World Cup or personal league).
  • A ‘Charts’ tab on the website shows an illustrative concept map of the future World Cup matches–starting from the Round of 16 and ending on the Final, for players to keep track of all teams at once as they progress in the tournament.
  • Players receive notifications via email when they first time sign up to QuickPix, subscribe to a premium account, undergo a significant ranking change or experience a change in their leagues.
  • The website integrates Paypal, Cash You and Text to Pay as protected modes of payment, for players who opt to buy the premium accounts.
  • QuickPix has also been deployed on Amazon Web Services.

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