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SoccerLords is a fantasy football website made for those who enjoy watching football and gets them involved in more games to watch over the weekends. It is a game of skills which lets the fans play for money. It intends to furnish a seamless user experience that makes competing and winning as straight forward as possible. Win contests, win money, win prizes and become the soccer lord!

Tools and Technologies:

SoccerLords is a fantasy football website for football fans


  • To sign up for a free SoccerLords account, a valid email address is required to play for free. Users’ Facebook account can also be used to log in to SoccerLords.
  • If a user wants to win money and prizes, an acceptable method of payment is needed, for which we have integrated the Paypal API. Funds can be deposited securely into SoccerLords account using PayPal or a credit card. Money deposited into SoccerLords account is always available for withdrawal via PayPal. To ensure player safety, every SoccerLords transaction is processed through PayPal.
  • After logging in, a user is guided to a page showing the upcoming fixtures, top ranked users and tab to find a new match.
  • For a free game, the user is matched up with another SoccerLords user who also wants to play for free. Free games are exactly the same as paid games except one can’t earn money or SoccerLords points.
  • The users can name their teams and draft in players. Each player is assigned a point value based on his past performance. The better the player, the more points it takes to get them on your team. Initially, the users can draft in players with a salary cap of 100 points.
  • Once the contest has started, money is taken out of the user’s SoccerLords account to fund the game. Winning the game gets the user the withdrawn money back plus the opponent’s money!
  • For each contest, winners are determined by the individuals who use their skill and knowledge to accumulate the most fantasy points. Fantasy points are accumulated through the performance of individual players in the current football matches. No more than 3 players can be selected from one team.

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