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Tripboard is yet another addition to the brigade of social networking websites overwhelming the internet that facilitates the interaction among users to share travel plans, recommendations, experiences, and opinions. Tripboard uses Facebook to provide users with relevant information about their friends’ travel pursuits through uninterrupted newsfeed. Members can post and update the places visited by them as well as invite friends from Facebook to expand their community. Photo boards along with list boards can be created by the users to share the places worth travelling to.

Tools and Technologies:

Tripboard is a social media platform for travelers for sharing plans, recommendations and experiences.


  • Tripboard brings in the latest, hottest and most social admin-approved travel content to the members’ home screen.
  • The members can add places visited by them through the “Add a City” option which are displayed in the alphabetical order. Once the visited location has been added, Tripboard augments the number of cities and countries added in the “Places I’ve Been” tab; and also displays the percentage of the world traveled.
  • A distinguishing feature of Tripboard is its integration with the Google Maps API by virtue of which the world maps appear on the user’s home screen portraying the places visited through pins dropped on them.
  • Tripboard notifies the members when their Facebook friends join the travel community through notification emails (preferences can be set). Members can also subscribe to emails for weekly digest and important stuff.
  • Through creation of Photo & List Boards, the members can add locations and rank them according to their own preferences. Boards enable members to share their own description of their travel & itineraries or keep using the description provided by Google.
  • Search is made easier by allowing users to search members, cities, restaurants, content etc. by keywords searched through board titles, descriptions, locations and member profiles.