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WasUpCrowd is a social networking website that lets the users become a part of its amazing online family. As the tagline cum wish “Happy Socializing” depicts, WasUpCrowd is meant to enable the users search their friends, share what’s new in their lives by joining or starting a group of like minded individuals, plan an event and celebrate with their friends or even plan a meetup. It’s all about staying connected to your world!

Tools and Technologies:

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WasUpCrowd is a social networking website that lets the users be a part of its amazing online family


  • The users can register with a valid email address or even using their social media accounts such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google Plus.
  • Once logged in for the first time, the user is redirected to complete profile as he/she goes through a tour highlighting how to complete various sections of the profile.
  • The users can share their status, photos, videos, link, documents and audio files on the Crowd Wall by choosing a category, location, tagging friends, choosing journal and adding post destroy date.
  • The user’s Wall contains groups such as Friends, Following and Followers; New Members; Chat Groups; Photos (Uploaded and tagged); Events (created and joined); Groups (created and joined); Audios (uploaded and tagged); Videos(uploaded and tagged); Journals (selected); Checked in Locations; Shared Links; Documents; and List of Friends Requests.
  • Using the search feature on the Crowd Wall, users can find appropriate content with regard to category, members, date, tagged friends and other variables.
  • Users can create chat groups, become part of other groups, find friends and send and receive group invitations.
  • Notifications, requests and invitations (within the website and through email) are intimated to the users for comments, likes, posts, follow, friends, groups and messages and can be managed through the Notification Settings.
  • Friends can be created with multiple classifications and friend requests can be sent/accepted/rejected.
  • Suggested friends are displayed in a separate section to the users.

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