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CodeIgniter Development Services

Agile PHP Development with a Powerful Framework

We design and deploy robust and reliable PHP solutions using our CodeIgniter development services which ensures that the created solutions are high in performance and scalable in architecture.

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Why CodeIgniter?

CodeIgniter is a sophisticated PHP framework that allows rapid creation of state-of-the-art solutions.
  • CodeIgniter allows creativity to bloom while keeping the amount of code at minimum level.
  • Lightest framework with very small libraries in the core system
  • Model-View-Controller approach used in this framework which enables separation between logic and presentation.
  • URLs generated are not the standard query string but clean and search-engine friendly.

Services Offered


We develop efficient PHP based websites and applications using this framework. Our custom solutions are compatible with all PHP versions.


We create powerful E-Commerce sites using different CodeIgniter versions. Our custom online shopping solutions are secure, light-weight, error-free.


We offer agile, comprehensive and fail-safe server migration and deployment services for this PHP framework based web solutions.


Our developers are well-versed with this framework due to which they can easily develop complex and effective custom Rest API to fulfill the needs of our clients.


Our around-the-clock technical support and maintenance services provide our clients with 100% satisfaction and stellar yet consistent results,


Our dedicated CodeIgniter developers are highly proficient in their work and are available on flexible timing schedules for both full-time and part-time.

The Dynamologic Advantage


The solutions made with CodeIgniter are secure by nature thanks to this framework's inbuilt tools for validations, cookie encryption and XSS Filtering, etc.

Code Optimization

Our developers follow the best coding practices that are inline with the industry standards which results in cleanly coded and well commented source code.



We offer solutions made with this framework that are scalable in nature with their extendable architecture and integrate-able with third party applications.


Optimized Database

We know how speed plays a critical role in retaining customers which is why we offer databases with optimized queries and support for active record database.

Other Highlights
  • Hack free applications with protection against SQL injection and CSRF/XSRF attacks
  • Memcached used for creation of speedy yet efficient solutions
  • Error handling techniques which allow complete control over errors and report failure at every level
  • Mobile friendly applications that are fully responsive on all devices
  • Rigorous testing at every stage to keep the project fail safe and according to the predefined QA and QC standards
  • Elaborate technical and user manuals for each component of the project
  • Shutterstock images with full copyright compliance used.
  • Free round-the-clock technical support for 3 months via email and phone
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