Security Vulnerabilities in PHP

Security Vulnerabilities in PHP PHP, a popular programming language among web developers for producing dynamic and interactive websites, suffers from numerous security vulnerabilities. Being equipped with certain features friendly to the beginning programmers, it tends to entice a programmer into leaving a number lacunas that may compromise the security of a web application. However, sound […]

What is Responsive Web Design ?

What is a Responsive Website and Why Should I Get One?

Had you been asking this question only two years ago, it wouldn’t have surprised me. Since then, however, the technology ecosystem has evolved greatly. Today, if you’ve plans to launch a website and have consulted a developer who has not discussed the option of a responsive website with you, I’d suggest you reconsider his appointment. […]

Which Mobile App is Best Suited for my Business?

Which Mobile App is Best Suited for my Business?

The past decade witnessed a monumental shift in the world of technology. The increasingly widespread use of smartphones is fast rendering PC usage redundant. As the mobile ecosystem continues to expand, businesses are feeling the need to evolve with changing consumer preferences. In light of the same, our clients at DynamoLogic Solutions often come to […]