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A Robust
Cryptocurrency Platform


We worked with the Cryptosomniac team in order to create a platform embedded with high-level features and functionalities that are listed below:

  • Platform with a Ticker and Portfolio Tracker. We developed a website that has a live cryptocurrency ticker with current market rates and a portfolio management tool for free tracking of the crypto portfolio.
  • Merchandise and Subscription Selling eStore. We integrated different payment methods in the website so that the users can easily purchase Cryptosomniac merchandise and special subscription.
  • Latest News Curated from all over the World. We created a news feed that fetches the latest crypto news and related blog posts from authentic websites all over the world as soon as they are posted.

About Cryptosomniac

Cryptosomniac is every crypto enthusiast’s dream come true. It is a comprehensive platform that provides all the authentic information and updates related to this revolutionary technology and the myriad of advantages it comes with.


Cryptosomniac has many alluring features which makes it a unique and beneficial platform for any person who wants to be part of the cryptoverse. It has coin price ticker that updates at regular intervals as per the current market prices. The free portfolio tracker allows users to keep a track of their crypto investment and even create projection before investment. It also comes with an online store that sells custom products and premium membership. The website has other features such as social media and discord integration, referral programs, blog, latest news section, and member area.

The Challenges

Before working with Dynamologic Solution, Cryptosomniac team faced three major challenges:

  • Website with Advanced Features: The world of cryptocurrency is rapidly expanding and to make a mark in this market it was necessary to have advanced features such as crypto price ticker and portfolio tracker on the website.
  • Online Secure Shopping Store: The company required an online store with multiple payment methods in order to sell their custom goods, premium courses, special membership, and crypto consultation packages.
  • Engaging Content for Visitors: Visitors look for engaging yet authentic content on various websites. If there is a content gap then they easily switch to the other websites. Cryptosomniac wanted to retain visitors via content.

The Cryptosomniac team knew that in order to make their mark in the cryptoverse it was imperative to address all these challenges and create a presence that will lead to the growth of the company.

How Dynamologic Helped

We helped Cryptosomniac beat these challenges by using stellar approaches and strategies that were in-line with the company’s vision and business requirements:

Feature Packed Website: The first requirement of Cryptosomniac was a website that had advanced features. We developed a platform that gives updated market price after every five minutes for more than 1,600+ cryptocurrencies. We also added a portfolio tracker which is a free management tool for your crypto portfolio.

Payment Gateway Integration: We created a secure eStore on the website and added multiple payment methods for the facilitation of the customers. The online store sells merchandise such as t-shirts along with virtual services such as subscription packages, online video courses, and consultation session appointments.

Fresh Crypto-related Content: At Dynamologic, we know the value of new and relevant content which is why we created a special news section for Cryptosomniac. This newsfeed is special in the sense that it curates the latest news from authentic news websites and other sources from all across the globe as soon as it is published.

From the conception to the final stages of development, the client’s team was kept on the same page during all stages of this project with a transparent and effective mode of communication.

The Results

The launch of Cryptosomniac helped in attracting a huge number of new and returning visitors. We effectively addressed the main challenges that were faced by the team of Cryptosomniac and the results of our efforts were:


  1. High Returning User Rate: Cryptosomniac is a complete platform for anyone who is interested in the field of cryptocurrency. The reliable price ticker is fruitful for those who want to be aware of this market’s ever-volatile status. The portfolio management tool is perfect for those who want to keep a tab on their investment.
  2. Soaring Number of Sales: The creation of a user-friendly e-Store with secure payment gateway integration has resulted in high number of sales of all products. The intuitive shop layout, multiple payment methods and high loading speed along with the seamless responsive stylish design have converted many users into loyal customers.
  3. Trusted by Users: Cryptosomniac has now become a trustable source for information thanks to its perfect newsfeed about cryptocurrencies, their market behavior and predictions, initial coin offerings worth investing in, blockchain and its innovative solutions and take of different governments on cryptocurrency regulation.

Cryptosomniac has seen an exponential growth rate as a platform in terms of both users and the number of sales. The platform continues to grow for better reach with the digital marketing services provided by Dynamologic Solutions.