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Never Miss Fajr

Never Miss Fajr

The problem it tries to solve is this: you have every intention of waking up for fajr, but you turn off your alarm mistakenly while half asleep. Next thing you know, the sun is out… Sound familiar? The idea behind the app is simple: to wake you up for Fajr by being as annoying as possible!

Tools and Technologies:

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Never Miss Fajr is a location based Fajar prayer alarm clock


  • NeverMissFajar is a location based Fajar prayer alarm clock. It is a universal application that features automatic alarm setting according to the time of Fajar prayer. Starting and finishing time for all five prayers is also displayed on the screen and various Azaan tunes are available to set as alarm.
  • Once the alarm sounds, it can only be turned off by shaking the phone set 20 times or correctly answering a specific number of Islamic questions out of a trivia; making sure the purpose of the app is served.
  • NeverMissFajar runs in background. However, due to Apple restrictions, it has to be turned on every night in iOS whereas there is no such need in Android after starting it once.

Client Feedback

I’ve hired outsourcing developments online for the last 6 years. This is the most well-rounded team I’ve found to date. They have people skilled in almost every area: graphic design, app development, software development, website dev etc. Very satisfied. The Project Manager is always available on Skype to talk to and is very professional with good response time.

Areeb Bajwa

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