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ShySkySpy – America’s Last Stand is an online card game that is in fact an American political breathe-out platform to not only play an innovative card game but also enjoy friendly humorous political discussions and share views on various American political entities. A general public take on what’s on the white house’s platter!

Tools and Technologies:

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  • ShySkySpy features games for two kinds of audience; Free players and Premium Subscribers. The benefits of both are in accordance with their standing.
  • The games are created and launched by the administrator on season basis. Length of a season launched is determined by the administrator and each season comprises of a certain number of games. Each game comprises of 7 days, 6 being the play duration and 7th new game cannot be started before the previous ends.
  • Each game consists of 5 play cards; 3 Impact cards, 1 magnifier card and 1 sabotage card. A free player is handed out 5 cards in the start of each game and those are selected as the play cards as are. Whereas a premium subscriber is given a choice of 7 interim cards that are dragged and dropped in the play card tray by the subscriber according to his choice.
  • Cards are mainly representatives of renowned American politicians and are created and ranked by the administrator. Each card is scored on the basis of economy, society, national security and multiplier factor. Scores are evaluated and changed as the cards are dropped in the play tray so the user will be able to gauge his total scores and select accordingly.
  • On the 6th day of each week, all ‘active’ members (Free and Premium) are checked for submission of cards. If a user has not submitted cards, randomly generated cards from his account will be submitted automatically.
  • Notification emails are generated and forwarded as the game progresses, informing the users of their scores and activities. Scores can also be viewed on a ‘scoreboard’ both seasons wise and game wise. The score of the user is also displayed on the scoreboard.
  • Prizes are awarded by the administration not only on the basis of won games but also on participation in various marketing promotions held from time to time.
  • ShySkySpy also features a blog that shares interesting and factual write-ups and friendly discussions on the view point of Americans on the current political issues.

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