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The Hob Mob

The Hob Mob

The Hob Mob is a social networking website (Hob from hobbies and Mob for crowd), that provides a platform to individuals sharing common interests, hobbies and passions to crowd together in one place. Members can maintain their own blogs and can promote their interests by posting photos, videos, text and websites. Interests receive ranking based on their popularity and number of subscribed members. Members also receive points-based ranking for sharing content.

Tools and Technologies:

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  • The Hob Mob has 18 different interests by default, including Arts, Music, Gaming, Travel, Sports and Shopping. Within each interest are limitless sub-interests, some of which are available by default while more can be added by the user.
  • Each interest provides members with a “Snapshot”, which is a quick overview of the latest posts within that interest, list of subscribers, list of the most active subscribers, any public meet-up sessions happening within the interest and some general page stats.
  • The website takes content in the form of photos, videos, text and website links, allowing members to set privacy for each post separately.
  • The website allows members to login via their email, Facebook, Gmail or Twitter accounts. Members create their profiles much like any other social media profile by giving up information about themselves that they wish to share. Members then subscribe to their favorite interest and sub-interests.
  • Hob Mob members can “awesome” (synonymous to liking or giving a thumbs up) or comment on the content they like, share it to other social media websites like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Google+, and flag content they find inappropriate.
  • Members can befriend other users, follow them or be followed based on common likes and interests.
  • Members can create their own blogs for their favorite sub-interests and share content for which they can separately assign privacy. The website allows members to keep tabs on the activity within each interest, sub-interest and blog.
  • The website invites users to compete on points. Members receive points based on the quality (photo, video, text, weblink) and quantity of the content they share.
  • Members can also create “meetup” sessions with their friends and followers, the privacy for which can be set according to the member’s preferences.
  • Hob Mob promotes itself by allowing members to invite friends from their email address books and social media friends lists.
  • Users receive notifications via email every time somebody ‘awesomes’ or comments on their content, and also for other’s content that they’ve ‘awesomed’ or commented on. Users can set preferences for the notifications that they wish to receive.
  • Search is made easier by allowing users to search members and content by keywords. Member search can be refined using filters of gender, age, country of residence, personality attributes, first names, interests and presence of a profile picture.

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