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Marketplace Development Services

Robust Solutions For Small and Medium Enterprises

We deliver scalable and success oriented B2B & B2C marketplace platform to materialize your entrepreneurial dreams with realistic solutions. Our marketplace development services have been trusted by hundreds of clients across the globe. Our team of design experts is passionate about both, front and back-end of the application in equal measures and laser-focused on responsiveness and user-friendliness.

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Why Marketplace Development?

Marketplace accounts for a major portion of entire online sales. With online shoppers getting more tech-savvy, marketplace webs will dominate the future online shopping streams.
  • Marketplace web owners can pick from multiple monetization models. You can generate revenue from listing fees, commissions, subscription, lead generation, advertising, additional services and a combination of different schemes.
  • Marketplace online businesses involve considerably less financial risks and reduced setup costs as sellers have to invest in the stocks on their own so you don’t have to invest in the stock.
  • Marketplaces offer better profit margins and the ability to track sales with more accurate metrics.
  • Marketplace offers you more freedom, control, and peace of mind.

Services Offered

Scalable Architecture

Our team of ingenious marketplace developers have the experience and ability to create flexible yet scalable solutions so that you can easily add features as your business grows.

Custom Marketplace Development

We put in great amount of research to thoroughly analyze your niche and target audience and then craft a unique product tailored as per your business needs.

SEO Optimized

While designing, we fully capitalize on all the SEO opportunities so that your marketplace gets a default advantage in the search engine ranking games.

Proactive Support

Following a revenue based model, we provide technical maintenance and support to all our clients. So if anything goes south, our team will find out the issue and fix it in minimal time so that you don’t miss on the revenues.

Marketplace Portfolio

Industry Verticles We Service

  • Medical
  • News
  • Travel
  • Marketplace
  • Lifestyle
  • Games
  • Fantasy Sports
  • Books
  • Finance
  • Social Networking
  • Photos & Videos
  • Food & Drink
  • Weather
  • Music
  • Business

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