On-Demand Delivery Services

Specialized Solutions Customized to Your Requirements

Providing you with services in real-time, we excel at delivering services that are optimized to your preferences and specific business requirements. Ours is a service that focuses on providing the type of service that pushes boundaries for the sake of customer convenience and fulfills their demands.


Why On-Demand Delivery Services?

An on-demand delivery platform is built to provide support for user-generated demand at any given place.

  • With on-demand service, you will be providing your consumers with the opportunity to place orders in a flash. With just a tap of a button, you can search, book/schedule, pay, or review orders.
  • Using independent contractors that work with you on your app, you can save a lot of money on logistics, couriers, and full-time vehicle costs.
  • With instant access, users will have the convenience of getting the service of smart search, real-time tracking, and suitable methods of payments.
  • Providing a level of transparency, on-demand delivery helps to contribute towards establishing trust between you and your consumers.

Services Offered


Your phone is always by the user’s side. Your app will be installed as well. You do not want them to miss out on important notifications. Our on-demand application development ensures that the real-time alert system is state of the art and provides the consumers with every detail regarding the app.


Backed by various online payment forums like PayPal, and Stripe, The applications that we build are highly integrated with all of them. We are very much aware of the e-commerce checkout landscape and we don’t want you to lose customers just because you do not have their form of payment gateway.


Advanced monitoring provides increased visibility and operational speeds. The apps we develop are equipped with deep application instrumentation to provide insights 24x7 into multiple layers within the infrastructure. From the browser through the web and application towards the database and back, we have you covered.


At its core, Geocoding is about finding and locating geographic coordinates from other geographic data. The coordinates can be later mapped and entered into Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and other analytics platforms. Our Advanced Geocoding system provides you with a detailed map of all your customer locations for marketing purposes.

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Web Design & Development

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Dynamologic Solutions has lent its expertise to a multitude of industry verticals over the past 10 years. In the past decade, we have built a strong and versatile clientele that spans 3 continents and 15 industry verticals. Our commitment to excellence, customer-focused approach, and cutting-edge solutions means that our customers keep choosing us again and again.

Case Studies

The case studies in this section have been handpicked to showcase our best design and development projects. Each case study shows how we used industry-leading practices to transform our client's idea into a working project.

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