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Infographic Design Services

Brilliant Infographics That Go Viral

We offer infographic designing services of three types i.e. static, animated and interactive with compelling content and appropriate marketing that guarantees their success.

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Why Infographics?

Infographics are a beautiful way of displaying huge amount of data in visual form using designs, graphics and symbols.
  • The brain processes 90% of visual information on daily basis.
  • Facts and figures based content with graphics is more interesting than simple text-based one.
  • Infographics come with a number of digital marketing related benefits such as increased visibility in search engines and higher traffic.
  • 80% of the users are attracted by colorful visuals present in infographics which leads to more engagement and less bounce rate.

Services Offered

Static Infographic

We create static infographics with such vibrant graphic elements and content placement that the resultant infographic looks like an art piece.

Animated Infographic

Our motion design department creates animated infographics in the form of small videos or embedded GIFs that promise an engaging user experience.

Interactive Infographic

Our interactive infographics are of two types i.e. microsites that are one-page or embeds in the form quizzes, maps and even timelines.

Content Writing

We offer content writing services for infographics that yield concise content which is not only catchy and engaging but also statistically backed up.

The Dynamologic Advantage

Extensive Data Research

Our team of dedicated infographic content writers performs a thorough research on the given topic and creates content that is reader-centric.

Design Variations

We provide variations of wireframes and creative options for our infographics so that our clients can choose the options that best suit them.

Other Highlights
  • Team of seasoned graphic and motion art designers.
  • Royalty-free stock pictures and icons used.
  • Digital marketing services for infographics.
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Infographic Designing Portfolio

Industry Verticles We Service

  • Medical
  • News
  • Travel
  • Marketplace
  • Lifestyle
  • Games
  • Fantasy Sports
  • Books
  • Finance
  • Social Networking
  • Photos & Videos
  • Food & Drink
  • Weather
  • Music
  • Business

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