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Establish your Online Presence
with Superior Web Design

Your online presence is very important when you are first starting out online. There are a great many things that you have to put into perspective. The act of establishing your online presence does not mean that you just create a basic website and then go about running your business or company, you need something more: a competitive advantage.

Several factors are involved in creating a successful online presence for your business. You need a site that is well developed, a social media strategy, SEO integration, keywords, content, and link-building are factors that just hit the huge iceberg of Digital Marketing, but before going any further we need to move towards the most basic building block of your online identity, which is website design. Why is it important? .


The Importance

of Web Design

Design has the ability to make or break your business. The case we are trying to build is this: impressions are important. The content on your site might be amazing, the best there ever was, and people are visiting by the numbers to your site. However, you are missing out on a potential segment of the target audience who leave because your site does not have the modern appeal, or is unorganized. You wouldn't want that now, would you?

A site design that has a visually appealing interface will result in a greater conversion rate, greatly flourishing your business prospects.


Investing in Web

Site Design:

A Great Asset

Investing in a website design can be a profitable asset. It costs a lot of money, but it pays off and can generate outstanding profits for your business. To ensure that your investment provides you with a benefit, you should hire a designer who is aware of dealing with the following points in designing a website. These five key points are relevant even if you are a small business looking to get into the online world through WordPress.


This is a crucial point if your website has a lot of pages. A good navigation bar or a menu that shows a list of different web pages is important. When the website navigation is well-developed, users can easily explore and understand your website. You do not have to go all out with colors and themes. An organized navigation can make visitors come back for more.

Content Elements

The font that you include in your site, coupled with other typographical details is essential. These aspects of web design should go towards delivering an accurate message to the audience. In many cases, the font combined with a well-written copy can result in something that a reader can identify with and generate traffic.

According to a study, 32% digital marketers believe that visual images are a crucial form of content for their online businesses.

However, as discussed in the previous section, overdoing it will not do your website much good. Too much content looks messy and can affect conversion rates. So try to interest your viewers by offering visuals that make them want to come back for more.Moreover, you need to streamline your content where designers can easily incorporate text in the design. Always remember to make sure that the readers’ eyes rest in the middle of their reading by adding negative or empty spaces.

Brand Uniqueness

Your brand should be unique and should set you apart from your competitors. It is usually identified through a logo. Emphasis should be placed on creating a unique logo that is placed on all your print materials. At the same time, all your online elements must have the same logo to maintain consistency.

It is important for your target market to recognize your business brand in every medium. If there are slight changes to your brands' communication, then it can result in confusion for your customers and make them go away.


One method to ensure engagement is an exceptional layout, which makes it more appealing towards users and helps customers engage with your page. When you expose your users to more visually appealing content, that is where your engagement will begin. For this, the need for a good website design is a crucial factor that should be taken into consideration.

Search Engine Optimization

Reading or scrolling through content is similar to how we read a book. It is better if the web page is organized left to right, and provides top to bottom scrolling. Web designers must understand this pattern when they are designing a website.

Majority of the readers start from the upper left area of websites which is why it is recommended that the most important source of information is placed here to get your message across the users.

Using visible areas for important website details can improve the SEO of your site. This happens when you include your important keywords in your HTML text. Search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing crawl through your site and it results in higher search ranking, which means more exposure to your website.

To sum up, most businesses are changing their designs for their customers. Those who already have, are now reaping the benefits. With the help of such a web design, users are able to get useful information at any time of the day, which is beneficial for both the business and the customer.


Web and Logo Design:

The Resources

The internet is a wonderful place; you can find everything about anything with just a click of a button. With respect to our subject matter, that is pretty useful. There are tons of useful resources available online that can help you learn more about the fascinating world of logos and web design. There are countless blogs and articles on the internet about them already, but we have picked the following resources since they are the best.

Logo Design Tools

The first in our logo design list is DesignEvo, a free online logo maker, which will help you create a logo in minutes. There is a large collection of vectors and logo templates that you can choose and edit from to give your logo a unique look.

LogoMyWay is a site that lets you choose from over 600 custom logos from creative designers all over the world. Using this site, you will receive a dedicated design specialist to guide you and answer any questions that you might have.

This site began during the days of the early internet, in 1997. LogoDesignTeam offers logo design services, and logo repair services to help tune up your logo. When you post a listing for a design, you will receive multiple logo designs within the next 72 hours. You can select the design that you like the most and receive the final logo files.

If you are confused about generating a unique logo, then Logojoy is your choice. This employs AI to select logo styles, colors, and icons. Logojoy will use this as an inspiration when generating logo options. Once you start scrolling, it will generate more logos based on your favorites. Prices begin at $20/logo.

With LogoMaker, you can select, create, change, and save as many logos as you can. Once you have gotten the design correctly, all you have to do is purchase the logo, and download the files at your convenience. LogoMaker has a collection of 10,000 logos that you can select from. You can create six designs before you buy and even ask the support group for recommendations.

Looking for a quick logo? Allow Ucraft to help you create a free logo for your business in seconds. Start with a blank canvas, add some text and icons, and customize. The sign up is free and you can also download your files.

With GraphicsSprings’ logo maker, you can choose from a vast variety of logo templates, categorized on an industry basis. Edit the graphics and texts for your template, and then download.

LogoMoose is a logo inspiration and a design community that showcases over 13,000 logos submitted by professionals all over the world. On this site, you can see featured logos, browse by awards, rankings, and views. Additionally, you can also browse the portfolio of various designers.


Web Design


Logos, in principle, hold but a small position in the web design industry. This does not mean that it is irrelevant, but in order to fully grasp the web design arena, you need something a little more advanced: a resource that gives you the entire picture. Fortunately for you, the next part of the article talks about the most famous web design blogs and magazines on the internet. Let us check them out:

Smashing Magazine

This website is important if you are looking to get information on everything web design. Smashing Magazine is created for designers and developers and is filled to the brim with articles related to both. The website is well-respected in the digital arena because of the quality of their published articles.

To add value to their site, they also offer free ebooks. In total, they have a total of 1 Million subscribers, and more than 2000 original articles and 890 authors, each one experienced in the field of web design.

Creative Bloq

To date, we have never seen a website more dedicated to the field of art, aesthetics, and design more than Creative Bloq . The website has a huge collection of topics related to graphic design, illustrations, 3D art, and typography. The site is updated daily, which ensures that designers get the very latest with web design trends and developments.

Web Designer Depot

Looking for the latest news and tutorials related to the web design industry? Well, look no further than Web Designer Depot, which is a site committed to bringing the latest news and tutorials in the industry.

Web Designer Wall

In its conception, Web Designer Wall began as a personal blog, where designer Nick La shared his experiences in the field of web design, new ideas, and design trends, similar to modern-day Medium web design blogs.

Nick La’s personal venture eventually became a site that now features the work of designers the world over. This fact alone has made Web Designer Wall stand out as an impressive resource for web designers.


If you fancy both web design and web development tutorials, then 1stWebDesigner is an amazing resource for you. The website provides the latest news on web design as well as web development tutorials.


The Fascinating World of

Royalty Free Images

The most debated issue on the internet is whether to use royalty free images or use photos with due credit. Most of the designers do not care about the use of such images or giving credit even, but it is an important factor for sites when they start working on online campaigns for their branding activities.

The use of images with due credit is permitted for users in making any content. However, when you are modifying and making adjustments to the image, there must be several hacks that you should keep in mind. The following article will discuss the advantages of using royalty free images for your online marketing and promotional activities.

In this part of the article, you will understand the right way when it comes to handling royalty free images. You will also learn the tips and tricks of modification, so you are not caught up in complications related to the use of copyrighted materials. The main advantages are below:

Bypass Copyright

There are sometimes when it becomes inevitable for designers to use copyrighted images. It might be for some project or something else. Given a situation like that, it is very beneficial to use stock images. They will help you without getting into issues related to copyrights and getting the desired images at nominal prices.

Creating Newer Images

The creative aspect of a designer’s job can lead to some interesting creations. The designer sometimes has to create newer images from multiple images, and the stock images can play a crucial role in creating a unique image from the mix of images without buying too much of the images.

Cost Beneficial

Royalty free images come in two flavors: Free images and images that can be bought at a reasonable price. This saves you a lot of money in terms of expense and also provides your online campaigns with fresh images when they are required.

Just keep these points in mind when you are looking to insert images in your content. Royalty free images make your online adventure more unique and original.


Having Trouble with your

Design? Hire a Freelancer

We have been operating in the digital industry for some time now and if there is one piece of advice that we can give you, it is that you cannot do everything by yourself. When it comes to web designing, the importance of that advice is increased.

In such a situation, the only logical thing you can do is to hire a freelancer. Freelancers are independent contractors that work with you for one or more projects and then get paid. When you hire a freelance designer, you are paying them money to do a job that you cannot do.

But here is the thing: There are many designers in the freelance industry. Some are good, and – speaking from personal experience – some are downright atrocious. So how do you find “the chosen one”? The websites below might help you make the decision.


Dribble is one of the top creative communities online. It has all sorts of different designers that have years of experience, a testament to that fact being their portfolios. Dribble’s design job board is one of the top destinations for locating the best talent online. You can filter designers by their skillset, geographical location, and you get an insight on their favorite projects and their following on Dribble.


Behance is similar to Dribble. It has over 7 million talented creatives to and a collection of over 65 million projects, and that is only last month’s statistic. Behance is owned by Adobe and has a vast community of designers who are looking to put their skills to work. Finding a talented designer in such a creative community can help you, as an employer, take better and more accurate actions.

99 Designs

Hailed as the world’s largest online graphic design marketplace, 99 Designs is built for designers and individuals who would like to employ designers. Logo design? Wireframes? Infographics? Branding? 99 Designs have a specialist designer for it. With 1.1 million designers and a fantastic community, you will definitely find the best designer and be happy with the results.

HOW Design

With between 500 to 1,000 design jobs coupled with other creative jobs, HOW Design definitely deserves a lot of praise. With its humble beginnings as a print magazine in 1985, the site has rapidly expanded from their humble beginnings into the online world. The site encompasses a vast variety of products, events, and social communities.


This online community has the top 3% registered designers and developers from all over the world. The freelance community at Toptal offers an amazing insight into the process of hiring a designer, gives you the chance to browse through members of the community, and reading their published work, which is all an indication of their field expertise.


With over 539,000 freelancers, DesignCrowd is a must-visit. This site is great for logo sourcing, website, and graphic design services. Once you post your design here, you will get 25 to 100 ideas from freelancers who are looking to win your project.


This site needs no introduction. It is the world’s largest freelancer marketplace boasting over 12 million freelancers from all over the world. Upwork has hundreds of freelance designers with different levels of experience competing for gigs in their respective fields. You will find some amazing designers on this site.


On Freelancer, you can start by posting a project for free and you will start receiving competitive bids from a freelancer in the span of minutes. Their matching algorithm is updated to ensure that you get the best freelancer, infographic expert, and web designers from their design portal.


Our discussion of web design took us in many different directions. We talked about the benefits of a well-designed website, provided multiple options for good logo and website resources, and explained the importance of royalty free images. However, the subsection that we believe was the most beneficial was the one where we talked about the websites where you can find competent designers. All-in-all, we believe that this section might have provided you with enough insight about the importance of web design in online businesses. In the next section, we are going to talk about website development and why it is important.