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50 Best Magento themes and templates of 2018

If you have just started to research about running an online shopping business, then you have probably heard of Magento. If you have not, then let us tell you. Magento is by far the most popular content management system software built for providing solutions in the online shopping industry. Magento plays an integral part in automating the day to day operations of major online businesses. Using Magento, combined with an aesthetically designed theme, you can work wonders for your business without hiring a business development agent or a web developer.

But the main problem is, Magento has so many website templates and themes that it becomes rather complicated that a question arises: which template should one choose for their website? Luckily for you, we come in the equation here with the following exhaustive list on which Magento templates is best for your site, saving you a lot of time as a result. This article has been meticulously researched and covers a multitude of niches. Even so, the themes discussed in the articles can be used interchangeably for different niches.

Note that, this list is not directed towards just beginners. The article is suitable for every webmaster level. Therefore, if you are already running an online store and want to increase your traffic or step up your online promotion game, then this article is for you. So without further formalities, let us begin:

I want themes that are:

  • Below $60
  • Between $61 - $89
  • Above $90
E-Commerce $179

Fashion Boutique tops our list with its trendy layouts and the ability of boosting user experience to a maximum. It provides you with top-of-the-line store presentation that lets your display items in a way that helps your business have a competitive advantage. It has a MegaMenu that lets you display your products with the essential breathing space. Fashion Boutique provides you with the ability to write unique product descriptions, AJAXlive search relevancy and an efficient commenting system with the Accordion plugin. FB’s codebase is built on top of powerful SASS and jQuery semantics which makes it SEO friendly and responsive to all screen sizes and orientations. So give FB a go, you will not be disappointed.

Demo of F2 – Fashion Boutique E-Commerce WordPress Theme
E-Commerce $99

Ultimo is the most prized theme in Magento circles and why would not it be? It has got over 8000+ satisfied clients and is considered the best selling Magento theme. Ultimo provides you with a responsive design that can make your online store aesthetic goals. It has a user-friendly documentation, is search engine optimized and provides your site with innate customization at all levels of HTML code. Its codebase includes a well-written and extensively commented CSS, PHP and JS files. Besides the back-end, it has relevant support for hexadecimal color, fonts, megamenus, sidebars, and fluid website view along with catchy product descriptions.

Demo of Ultimo E-Commerce WordPress Theme
E-Commerce $179

Vini is built for the fashion industry. It has a minimalist design with drop-down, ghost buttons and many more functionalities that make the life of your user easier. It also has an easy to use administration panel for the webmaster with functionalities such as AJAX powered search relevancy plugins, Google integration in the form of Fonts and Maps, Accordion commenting, multiple theme colors and layout customization options. To top it all off, it also has efficient social media integration which is vital for digital marketing.

Demo of Vini E-Commerce WordPress Theme
E-Commerce $79

Shopper is another powerful theme from Magento. It is fully responsive to all screen sizes and orientations and is retina-ready on install. If customization is what you are looking for, then look for Shopper because it offers you customization in colors and layouts at the lowest level. It is fully integrated with Google Fonts and can help you in deciding which font-family suits your site best. Shopper is not just reserved for shopping websites. It is multifunctional which means it can be used for any type of site.

Demo of Shopper E-Commerce WordPress Theme
E-Commerce $97

Fortis is by far the best Magento theme when it comes to customization. You can easily alter the design of its elements. It has an unlimited variety when it comes to color pallets and Google Fonts. It also has a built-in custom font stack that you can use as an alternative to Google Fonts. It has a responsive fluid grid system, with 12 columns that enables good display on any screen size or orientation. It comes with the MegaMenu plugin and allows custom content blocks for your website. All in all, Fortis is an ideal Magento theme when it comes to customization.

Demo of Fortis E-Commerce WordPress Theme
E-Commerce $299

When it comes to clarity and organization of web content, Acumen is the best. It has fiercely competitive features that can provide you with an advantage in your marketing strategy. It has 15 UI widgets that create interactive sliders for featured products and a 12 column responsive grid system that provides you with complete responsiveness. It is built with clean and well-commented HTML5/CSS3 code. Choosing Acumen is a no-brainer because combined with the aforementioned features, it also has effective customization capabilities, mega navigation menus and language translation.

Demo of Acumen E-Commerce WordPress Theme
E-Commerce $59

BuyShop has 13 built-in layouts that take away all the efforts of making a custom site, henceforth creating more room for webmasters to focus on website monetization. Each of the layouts are so aesthetically designed that they provide users with a beautiful, rich and seamless user interface that helps them make easier purchases. Its features include listing variations, blog layout options, shopping cart features, gallery designs, font-types and product page variations. All of these features make BuyShop the most flexible theme out there.

Demo of BuyShop E-Commerce WordPress Theme
E-Commerce $94

Milano should be your choice if you are looking for a theme with an elegant design and powerful functionalities. Milano has options for single and double columns for sidebars, includes a multitude of blog extension plugins and has a built-in revolution that helps you create effective site headers with ease. It is mobile compatible and responsive to almost every screen size and orientation. On the backend, Milano has AJAX powered capabilities with quick buy and “Add to Cart” features that make your product display even more organized and powerful. It is easy to install and is so fast that it loads a page in 1.5 milliseconds, which is thanks to its efficient minified CSS and JS code-base.

Demo of Milano E-Commerce WordPress Theme
Live Demo:
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E-Commerce $59

The Celebrity theme for Magento lives up to its name. Celebrity is an efficient and popular theme that is jam packed with features and tools for your website. It includes unlimited colors, with multiple headers, footers and fonts styles. It is very simple to install and is customizable at every level. Because of its powerful CSS, HTML and PHP code-base, it provides you with a high speed website loading and cutting-edge website optimization. It provides users to add reviews to the websites products and is integrated with Cloud Zoom that helps in enlarging product images. With compatibility with all the modern web browsers, what is not to like about Celebrity?

Demo of Celebrity E-Commerce WordPress Theme
E-Commerce $89

Porto is one of the most attractive and responsive theme for Magento. It has a collection of 18 unique layouts for different niche websites that can be customized to meet your site’s needs. It additionally has a one-click demo import facility that lets you see all the changes to your site in real-time. It also has good layout variations, so if you are looking for fluid grid layouts, then you should choose Porto. Finally, Porto has a distinctive set of mega and vertical menu’s that are interoperable with any Magento extension.

Demo of Porto E-Commerce WordPress Theme
E-Commerce $69

Dresscode is another responsive theme from Magento that is filled with features and functionalities. It has a unique customizable banner and slider. It allows you to list your products in the most effective manner and provides a myriad of colors and fonts (Google Fonts integration) that you can use on your site. If these were not enough, Dresscode’s backend features includes a well-structured and commented codebase with files of CSS, HTML, PHP and Photoshop PSDs. It has a custom administration module, AJAX’s “add-to-cart” feature and Cloud Zoom integration for zooming-in of images and much more. With its responsiveness on all orientations and screen sizes, unique front-end capabilities and back-end functionalities, Dresscode definitely deserves a place in this list.

Demo of Dresscode E-Commerce WordPress Theme
E-Commerce $59

For apparel and clothing stores, ClassyShop is the best Magento template. It is built keeping in mind the requirements of the clothing industry. It is a fully responsive HTML5 and CSS3 coded website that includes Google Fonts integration and is multi-lingual. It is SEO-friendly and optimized for speed. It is fully integrated with Flex Slider, Cloud Zoom and Mega Menu plugins. It also has multiple product grids, unlimited banners and color options for a variety of aesthetic customizations. Your UI is increased tenfold with ClassyShop which is suitable for all major browsers.

Demo of ClassyShop E-Commerce WordPress Theme
E-Commerce $75

If you are in the business of automobile products and want to reach a wider audience on the internet, then the Magento Accessories theme is for you. Accessories help you build a massive store with a huge collection of products and categories. The huge collection is backed by an impressive layout facility that displays your product in the most marketable manner. Its white background makes your products standout. The Accessories template’s slider functionality is awesome with three column layouts, slideshows, visual effects and transitions which help in making your website stand out. To top it all off, it has a responsive code-base that makes it work on any device.

Demo of Accessories Car Magento 1 & 2 Theme E-Commerce WordPress Theme
E-Commerce $59

SimpleGreat is an awe-inspiring Magento theme is that 100% responsive and is compatible with any business niche. It has a revolution slider, eight predefined color schemes, blog management extension, multiple layouts and a unique theme admin panel that lets you configure the theme at the lowest level. Additionally, it has a full width of over 980px, an AJAX option for “show more” to keep products organized, blog management tools, column layouts, advanced promotion banners, catalog mode features and a huge collection of color combination and themes that make your site stand out amongst the fray. Coupled with all these features, SimpleGreat has an advanced HTML and CSS coding that makes your site effectively SEO optimized.

Demo of SimpleGreat E-Commerce WordPress Theme
E-Commerce $59

Perfectum is an aesthetically designed and fully responsive site for Magento. It is one of the most feature-packed and heavy duty theme templates available for Magento. Perfectum includes a wide-range of features that includes a built-in revolution slider, a unique administration panel, has multiple layout features with its grid system and a mega menu feature that lets you display news sliders, promotion banners and products in the most marketable manner. On the front-end it provides you with “wish-list” option, textured backgrounds, social media options, unlimited color combinations and multiple payment options. You can also tweak or customize the social media buttons to your liking thanks to Perfectum’s customization feature.

Demo of Perfectum E-Commerce WordPress Theme
E-Commerce $89

Gala GoMarket provides your site with a competitive design and responsive website that is fit for every business. It is built with a feature called “Theme Framework” that provides you with the ability to arrange layouts easily. Gala GoMarket has a built-in Visual Content Editor that lets you customize your front-end content easily with its drag and drop page building option. It has a menu builder, layered navigation, an advanced CMS system and multiple plugins for carousels, best sellers, feature items and tabs. Lastly, it has detailed documentation and dedicated support that is available on the clock.

Demo of Gala GoMarket E-Commerce WordPress Theme
E-Commerce $89

The Electronics Store theme for Magento is a responsive theme that is built for showcasing electronic and technology related products. It has powerful theme settings that let you change fonts, colors and many others styles with ease and flexibility. It has a drag and drop mega menu builder that lets you create multiple menus with ease. The theme consists of plugins and widgets in the form of image slideshows, CMS block widgets, bestselling products and carousel sliders widgets. It is customizable to the last element and it makes your life as a business owner easier with its add-to-cart feature and payment options.

Demo of Electronics Store E-Commerce WordPress Theme
E-Commerce $84

MT Colinus is a feature-strong, powerful and responsive Magento theme that provides you with unlimited colors and multiple layouts that are suitable for a large variety of businesses and industries. This theme is flexible and provides you with multiple layout options that make sure that the overall look of your site clean and organized. It has a responsive administration panel that is feature rich. Several features of this theme include a thumbnail slider, integration with Cloud Zoom, customized grids and Google Fonts integration.

Demo of MT Colinus E-Commerce WordPress Theme
E-Commerce $79

The Santana Fashion theme is built for fashion. It is a Magento theme that offers you a wide range of features for website optimization, such as image zooming backend facility, slideshows, banners and a super menu for showcasing featured products. Because of its impeccable customization feature, Santana can be made into a website of any industry or niche. Its other features include 28 beautiful background, unique product scrollbars, quick view options, Ajax “add-to-cart” feature, product zooming, custom slider options, PSD file integration, dedicated support and comprehensive documentation.

Demo of Santana Fashion Store E-Commerce WordPress Theme
E-Commerce $89

Black&White is a retina ready, responsive Magento theme that provides you with a wide range of colors and fonts. It has a powerful Mega Menu and multiple AJAX facilities in the form of add-to-cart, toolbars, quick view, price sliders, login and registration, contact forms and much more. B&W has a one-page checkout module and comes with multiple one-click demos. It has Google Font integration, a currency switcher, and a changeable layout that further customizes your website. It is an extremely flexible theme that provides customization capability starting from the header to the footer.

Demo of Black&White E-Commerce WordPress Theme
E-Commerce $79

Response is a very effective Magento theme that is built to be responsive to any screen size or orientation. It is based on a 16 column skeleton that can be customized to fit your website needs. It is optimized for search engine optimized with its semantic markup designed by keeping the importance of SEO in mind. It has a single and multiple column support, a unique flex slider static block, a customizable stack block system, multiple navigation capabilities and footer block customization. Additionally, it also has newsletter integration and comes with its PSD files. With a 1280 max screen option, backend control panel and a diversified skeleton grid, Response is a themee you should definitely try out.

Demo of Response E-Commerce WordPress Theme
E-Commerce $79

Exdress-Medusa is a powerful Magento theme that offers you with a wide variety of features. It has flexible features in menu with its Custom Megamenu and it allows you to show your best website products with its FrontPage top product feature. Medusa also has a new and sales product display category that shows new products out for sales in a category based view. It has a single page product navigation feature that increases your page’s UX by showing all the products neatly in one place. It has a powerful category filter search that can create drop-down filters for products, thereby increasing transparency for the user when they are searching for products. Be sure to try this unique theme for your website.

Demo of Exdress-Medusa E-Commerce WordPress Theme
E-Commerce $84

SportShop is, like the name suggests, designed for showcasing anything related to sports. It has four skin colors available for the homepage, which is easily customizable. It has a diversified product slider extension, brand logo slider, multiple menu variant, custom product displaying feature, a powerful brand logo slider, thumbnail widgets for images and cloud zoom integration that zooms in on your products without compromising over the quality of the image. It has a powerful admin module that lets you manage changes and edits to the website. So, if you are planning to open up a sports shop or a baseball review site, then SportShop should be your choice.

Demo of SportShop E-Commerce WordPress Theme
E-Commerce $59

BeautyShop is another amazing Magento website template that provides with astounding features. It is a unique and responsive theme that provides you a powerful admin panel that lets you configure the site with features and options to your liking. Its catalog mode feature allows your theme to be organized and also show your range of products without compromising on breathing space. Magento development services has undoubtedly gone to great lengths when building this website because it provides you all the functionality that an e-commerce development company can provide minus the costs. It has an advanced slideshow option, carousel options, custom payment options, social media icons, product sales and mini banners for smaller products. All-in-all, BeautyShop is the go-to theme that you should definitely try out.

Demo of BeautyShop E-Commerce WordPress Theme
E-Commerce $89

When it comes to a premium Magneto theme template that has a clean, new and stylish design, MetroShop fills the position easily. It is designed to be user friendly, providing the user with a good user interface which is equally beneficial for the webmaster. This Magento theme makes online shopping a less laborious task. It is easily customizable and responsive with multiple banner sliders, Google Map and Font integration, homepage layout management option and AJAX powered scrolling system that can be customized with MetroShop’s powerful administration panel. It is optimized for SEO and high speed providing the user with the image zoom-in ability.

Demo of Metroshop E-Commerce WordPress Theme
E-Commerce $84

Ves Fashion is a simple and cleanly designed Magento theme that is built with Bootstrap 3 and the second version of Venus Theme Framework. It supports multiple stores and has a built-in mega menu module that provides you with powerful website customization capabilities. It provides you dedicated support in the form of multiple-languages, SASS development, custom CSS and Theme Controls. It is integrated with blog modules and brand modules that help in the enrichment of your website. Coupled with that, Ves Fashion has good support for Google Fonts and has a live theme editor that gives you a live preview of edits to your theme. So, even if you are not in the fashion industry, you can always tweak Ves Fashion to create a site of your liking.

Demo of Ves Fashion E-Commerce WordPress Theme
E-Commerce $99

Belano is another multipurpose contender as far as Magento themes are concerned. It is jam packed with functionalities like newsletter pop-ups that is an effective marketing tool, customizable design that alters the appearance of your website and multiple layout options that, when combined with the customization, help you create the best website of your choice. It is highly responsive to all screen sizes and orientations and is also 100% retina ready. It provides you with an almost unlimited set of Google Fonts and color customizations with instant grid and lists. It has an Ajax paging toolbar and Cloud Zoom integration, so you can view images better.

Demo of Belano E-Commerce WordPress Theme
E-Commerce $84

With a simple and clean design that is integrated with a mega menu module as well as lightweight editor tool, Ves Bigshop is the go-to Magento theme for many online businesses. It can easily be installed and supports multiple languages. You can easily change the layouts and colors of the website as well as the template widths with its built-in theme control panel. It has powerful support for all modern browsers and their older versions so it does not matter which browser your audience is using; the layout will be the same. Additionally, it also has support for templates that provide jQuery effects, making Bigshop a complete package.

Demo of Ves Bigshop E-Commerce WordPress Theme
E-Commerce $84

Sagitta is a powerful and responsive theme for the niche of fashion and high-class apparel. It can be used for sites with shoes, bags and clothes for both men and women. Sagitta provides the webmaster with impressive colors and font options. Its static blocks are uniquely styled and aesthetically pleasing. It provides the user with a beautiful slideshow of products using lively effects and eye-catching transitions, which results in customer retention. It is integrated with many design features such as best seller product lists, vertical scrolling, on-sale product catalog, brand slider, AJAX functionality and sliders, etc.

Demo of Sagitta E-Commerce WordPress Theme
E-Commerce $89

PetsyShop is an immaculate and responsive Magento theme that is simple yet functional. It has a responsive design with mega menu and a custom homepage. Besides that, it can easily be installed with just a click of a button. Petsy has a nice slideshow banner that comes equipped with an admin panel, ajax layer navigation, ajax price sliders, ajax add to cart feature and an ajax toolbar. You can easily customize the template to your liking with its built-in visual editor. It comes equipped with multiple languages, scroller thumbnails and easy navigation. Petsy is compatible with all the Magento versions.

Demo of PetsyShop E-Commerce WordPress Theme
E-Commerce $89

Yoming is a highly responsive website that works well on any screen size or orientation. It has a powerful admin module and includes the powerful AM revolution slider. You can easily customize the site to your preference with Yoming’s powerful visual editor. Its front end features include mega menus, drop-down shopping carts, integration with Google Fonts, smart menus, PSD file support, Cloud Zoom and advanced sliders for logos and brand-icons. On the back-end however, Yoming has a well-commented HTML and CSS code, table-less design and cross-browser compatibility.

Demo of Yoming E-Commerce WordPress Theme
E-Commerce $84

Ves Evolution is a flexible theme for Magento that helps you in making the greatest use of your technology website. It is designed for the electronic and tech store niche and can showcase tech products like laptops, tablets, cameras and accessories in the most marketable ways. It is the perfect choice for webmasters and provides a range of features, such as 8 digital homepages that are unique, 15 sub-themes and integration with effective plugins.

Using VES evolution, you can easily show your sites best features, on-sale product, most reviewed products and much more. It is SEO optimized and provides smooth interoperability with many popular extensions and plugins.

Demo of Ves Evolution E-Commerce WordPress Theme
E-Commerce $84

CropShop is a Ves designed theme template for Magento that is designed to cater fashion stores, kids store and sport goods store. The theme is of a very powerful and advanced retina ready responsive design. It is designed with an elegant and simple interface that is perfect for kids stores, fashion stores and sport stores. It is designed in such a manner that it catches the attention of the user. When it comes to features, CropShop can be very beneficial for your website because it can be integrated with countdown timers, optimized product lists, testimonials, social media plugins and much more.

Demo of CropShop E-Commerce WordPress Theme
E-Commerce $84

Ves Fresh is a beautifully designed Magento theme that gives out a pleasing user experience. It is designed keeping the food industry in mind and is a smart choice if you are a food business owner hoping to expand. Your product will be very prominent because of Ves Fresh’s layout and background colors. You can impress your user even further using Fresh’s slider functionality and promote HOT deals for your food items in the middle of the homepages. You can even showcase your “New” food items to draw in more customers. Even if you are not in the cuisine industry, you can customize fresh for any other shop as well.

Demo of Ves Fresh E-Commerce WordPress Theme
E-Commerce $84

Ves Freshmarket is an elegantly designed Magento theme that is very responsive to screen changes and orientations. Freshmarket’s responsive design is built in such a way that it adjusts very quickly to any screen size. You can implement the theme for any niche business website. Freshmarket comes with multiple themes, layouts, colors and font capabilities that provides elegance and flexibility to your site. You can also use Ves’s built-in control module that allows you to easily control template direction, themes and width that improves the design without going into the code. This template is eye-catching and can grab the attention of the viewer in minutes.

Demo of Ves Freshmarket E-Commerce WordPress Theme
E-Commerce $84

Beat is an amazing Magento theme that is created for fashion stores, jewelry and many more products. It is the theme that is clean in design with a vintage vibe and gives off an impressive look that helps in displaying your products beautifully. Beat offers a wide range of features that help you increase your sales, improve the customer’s shopping experience to a great degree and manage your store properly. Some of its features include mega menu building features, drag and drop visual editing tools, countdown timers, checkout process feature, popup newsletter and much more.

Demo of Beat E-Commerce WordPress Theme
E-Commerce $84

Sunbox is an elegant and powerful theme for fashion by Magento. It is built for creating fashion websites but because of it customization capabilities and features, it can be extended into other niches as well. It provides a great combination with respect to color, design and backgrounds. Sunbox has support for multiple languages and currencies that provides expansion opportunities for your business. It is retina ready and fully responsive and can be used for a wide range of devices.

Demo of Sunbox E-Commerce WordPress Theme
E-Commerce $84

With a clean, organized and modern design, Ves Crafk is an important Magento theme in this list. The theme is designed in such a careful manner that it allows you to create a customized homepage with a beautiful, aesthetically pleasing design that showcases your products with a significant amount of breathing space. Ves Crafk is a smart choice for those who are hoping to create an online furniture business. It allows you the aforementioned homepage customization, multiple extension and plugin integration and best of all, it is SEO optimized, so you do not have to worry about reaching the right audiences.

Demo of Ves Crafk E-Commerce WordPress Theme
E-Commerce $54

Envy is a state-of-the-art Magento theme that includes professionalism in the form of functionalities and impressive design capabilities. This theme is perfect if you are creating a store related to fashion, accessories, goods or even technology. Its mega menu combined with vertical menu feature makes finding products easier. It has an intuitive interface with drag and drop features that help you create a website with multiple layouts and grid systems.

Demo of Envy E-Commerce WordPress Theme
E-Commerce $84

Oshop’s elegant and responsive design should be your choice if you are looking for creating a website catering to the fashion industry. This Magento theme is suitable for almost any e-commerce niche. You can also customize this website to sell clothes, accessories, apparel, tech-products and many more items. It is built on top of the Bootstrap framework, that is the most popular framework for front-end development today. Because of Bootstrap’s capabilities, it holds the title of being responsive to any screen size or orientation.

Demo of Oshop E-Commerce WordPress Theme
E-Commerce $84

Ves Pencil is a modern product oriented designed theme for Magento. It is highly and its customization capabilities can help you in building the most effective and marketable site for your business. Pencil includes a detailed yet easy to read documentation. It also has a well-commented codebase, so if you want to edit and improve your website performance at developer level, you are free to do it. Ves Pencil delivers an enriching user experience and facilitating the customer to shop at anytime and anywhere.

Demo of Ves Pen E-Commerce WordPress Theme
E-Commerce $84

Ishop is a clean product-based and modishly designed theme that ensures that your business will stand out from the rest. The theme Ishop is perfect for furniture, household items, crockery and other items. It has several amazing features that help in creating a useful customer experience on the internet. Its features include: fast loading, responsive design, image sliders, quick-view of products, optimized carousel and high speed layered navigation. With its powerful back-end, you can take a stronger control of your website with its drag and drop mega menu builder that lets you add countless features to your site.

Demo of Ishop E-Commerce WordPress Theme
E-Commerce $84

Bestmart is a powerful, elegant, eye-catching and responsively designed Magento theme template. It is built keeping in mind product orientation and by default, gives you a white background, eye catching sliders, with a neat and clean layout that showcases your products at its best.It has a drag and drop page builder that helps you as a webmaster to save a lot of time when creating your website. Bestmart also comes with support of multiple currencies and languages that can help expand your business to international markets. It is SEO optimized and will reach the correct audiences and let you build websites with ease.

Demo of Bestmart M2 E-Commerce WordPress Theme
E-Commerce $84

Valu by Ves lets you showcase your products in the best of ways with its fresh design. Although this theme is designed for furniture shops, it can be modified to become any niche business website because of the customization capabilities that it provides. It is a wholly responsive theme that adapts to every screen size and because of its layouts, color schemes, fluid grid systems and Google Font integration, it can deliver the most engaging user experience for your website.

Demo of Ves Valu E-Commerce WordPress Theme
E-Commerce $84

Regardless of whether you are creating a tech store, gift shop or an electronic items store, Superstore will fit your needs in every way. Superstore is suitable for all forms of marketplaces and niche businesses that help in the creation of engaging online presence. This responsive theme for Magento is built on the Venus framework and Bootstrap 3, which gives it extreme credibility as a responsive website. It also has a powerful support for customization with its built-in live editor for themes. It helps in the custom creation of your themes without tampering the inner workings of Superstore’s codebase. It has got Google Fonts and multiple animation/ transition facilities that make it a powerful tool for your website.

Demo of Superstore E-Commerce WordPress Theme
E-Commerce $84

Ves Fashion is a powerful and responsive Magento theme that is interoperable with almost any version of the Magento CMS. The theme comes with a monochrome layout that displays the content on your website in a professional manner. It has an amazing collection of colors, layouts and fonts that can make your website look better-rounded, organized and aesthetically pleasing in the form of user experience. It is also compatible across modern browsers and it is fully responsive. The theme template is useful for almost any business store, so do give it a try for your business as well.

Demo of Ves Fashion E-Commerce WordPress Theme
E-Commerce $72

Designed for fashion stores, electronic shops, camera shops, apparel and many more, Krstore is your go-to Magento template that allows you extreme functionality and business sales. It is built on top of Bootstrap 3, making your online store responsive. It also has a grid based layout, making your product lists stand out. Do give Krstore a try.

Demo of Krstore E-Commerce WordPress Theme
E-Commerce $84

Vigoss is a Magento theme that comes with an innate set of features that help you in improving the overall functionality of your website and make it more user-savvy. It has Mega Menu support that helps you in highlighting the products on your website. It is responsive and mobile-friendly. It provides the user with a brilliant UI and UX that helps in search of products with ease.

Demo of Vigoss E-Commerce WordPress Theme
E-Commerce $84

Ministore is a powerful Magento theme that is compatible with almost all of Magento’s CMS versions. It has a built-in page builder, a powerful blog module, image sliders, AJAX search capabilities and many more capabilities that make it a powerful theme for your website. Its administration panel and professional support along with bright colors, beautiful sub-themes, multiple fonts and customization capabilities makes Ministore a must-have theme.

Demo of Ministore E-Commerce WordPress Theme
E-Commerce $0

VES Need is a prominent and powerful Magento theme that is responsive, cleanly designed and neat and works for any website niche or business. Itsfeatures include a built-in mega menu page builder that helps to customize your site perfectly and without any problems of getting in to the codebase. It also has powerful integration with colors, layouts and Google fonts, so it is very beneficial to your site.

Demo of Ves Need E-Commerce WordPress Theme

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