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A Free Platform for
Short Story Aficionados


Dynamologic Solutions created a web-based platform for the StoryStar team that provided the company with the following advantages:


  • Platform for Story Publishing and Viewing: We created a website on which users can submit their work which is published after it has been screened by the admin. Users can also search the published works using keywords and categories.
  • Payment Gateway and Newsletter Integration: We integrated the website with secure payment gateways so that users can easily make a donation on the website. The platform also comes with a newsletter subscription feature which notifies users of updates.
  • Social Media Engagement and Returning Visitors: We added social sharing buttons and icons on the website which were linked to StoryStar’s official accounts. This resulted in a following of 24k+ on Facebook and 6k+ on Twitter in a small span of time.

About StoryStar

StoryStar is web platform dedicated to short stories. On this platform, budding authors can submit their short stories for free. The submitted stories are then screened and proofread by the administrators, published on the website and then shared across social media accounts.


StoryStar has a myriad of features. There is a contest section on the website which allows users to compete for cash prizes. There is also StoryStar of the week and author of the month. You can search the stories according to their theme, category, keywords, popularity, location, and views. Users can rate, flag, share and add comments on a published story and also add authors to their favorite list.

The Challenges

The three challenges that the team of StoryStar faced before hiring Dynamologic for their development needs were:

  • No Digital Presence Whatsoever: StoryStar needed a digital presence in the form of a website where people could read and write short stories for free. Without this web presence, there was no way to bring short story enthusiast together.
  • No Donation Method or Email List: StoryStar required a donation feature in which users could contribute via PayPal and other secure payment methods. There was also a requirement of a subscription feature for newsletters, etc.
  • No Social Media Following: StoryStar had no social media presence or following. In order to make it a community, social sharing throughout the platform was essential to encourage social following of the website.

StoryStar wanted to overcome these limitations with the help of a secure and robust online presence that could help them grow into a community for all the short story fans.

How Dynamologic Helped

We helped Cryptosomniac beat these challenges by using stellar approaches and strategies that were in-line with the company’s vision and business requirements:

Powerful Web-based Platform: The first requirement was that of a website where users will be able to upload stories and read the published works of others. Moderation of the content was to be done by the administrator account. We developed a responsive web platform that allowed easy story submission and content screening.

Seamless 3rd Party Integrations: The second requirement was of a payment method and a subscription option. We integrated the platform with PayPal for secure payment of donations for keeping the platform free. Newsletter subscription method was also added on the website for email marketing and site announcements.

Social Media Following: Without social media, reach in the digital realms is a difficult task which is why we integrated social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter on the website. We also added the social share button on stories so that users can share their favorite stories on their timeline with friends and family.

Our team worked with the leadership of StoryStar on all stages in order to create a product that is fully in accordance with the business vision and requirements.

The Results

After the launch of the website, StoryStar became the hub of aspiring short story writers and readers. The challenges present were addressed perfectly by our team and yielded the following results:


  1. Well-rounded Presence: The mobile-friendly and search engine optimized website provided a central point for readers and writers of short stories to gather. The admin side of the website comes with a screening feature of the submitted work. Published stories can be searched using different search filters.
  2. Stunning Features: Users on StoryStar can help in keeping the platform free via donations that can be made using payment method present in the website. Users can also easily subscribe to the newsletter which is used for the announcement of information regarding contests, featured stories and author of the month.
  3. Social media: Social media following is critical for a good brand reputation and reach. StoryStar gathered a following of more than 24,000 on Facebook and 6,000 on Twitter thanks to the seamless integration of social media buttons on the website.

StoryStar is an active community thanks to its web presence. Their website, with the help of Dynamologic, enabled them to create a fun platform where people with similar interests gather, share their work and polish their writing skills.