Cricket interact is a social networking website designed exclusively for the Cricket lovers. It is an entirely cricket based platform where fans from around the globe can interact with each other, share cricket related content and hold passionate discussions about cricket players, strategies, upcoming series and game techniques.

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    ✔ Cricket interact comes with personal accounts that are managed entirely by the users. Public profiles can be viewed by all the members of the community and friend requests can be sent, received, accepted or declined by the users. Invitations to join the website can also be sent.

    ✔ A user’s profile features his/her list of activities, status upload which is stored as ‘Cricket Thoughts’, photos, videos, tagged photos, tagged videos, testimonials, list of friends and the members who have made the user a favourite. Moreover details such as time of login, cricketing styles, favourite teams etc. are displayed on the profile.

    ✔ Members can ‘follow’ other members, players or friends to stay updated about their activities. Users can also upload photos/ videos and comment on other members’ profiles/photos/videos.

    ✔ Cricket Interact also features cricketing countries’ statistics with the number of players and their further details. Cricketing countries are categorized according to factors such as most players, most test players, most favourite players etc. Featured profiles of international players are a part of this detail that contains the players’ date of birth, batting and bowling style, player role and location. Player search can be filtered according to these factors too. These player profiles can be viewed by the members and made favourite. Players can also be voted for or against.

    ✔ Testimonials for other members or players can be written and players or members can be ranked as favourites according to the user’s choice.

    ✔ Cricket debates and match discussion can be held in unlimited threads. Comments, photos and videos can be made a part of such debates and discussions as well.

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    This is my virtual software development team moving forwards. Great Company.

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